BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences

Danang is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam and the gateway to the incredible Central region. But it has much more going for it than just its size! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most amazing tours in Danang.

First, we’ll introduce you to a superb experience curated by Vietnam is Awesome – Photography Tours that give an artistic exploration of Da Nang’s scenic beauty and lively atmosphere. Then, we’ll dive into other tours and experiences to explore Da Nang’s history, culture, and nature.

Conveniently located, Da Nang is also the perfect stop en route to Hoi An Ancient Town and other attractions. For easy travel tips and routes to Da Nang, check out our guide: How to Get to Da Nang.

Without further ado, let’s dive into fantastic tours & experiences in Da Nang.

tours in da nang2 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
A sunset on Mỹ Khê beach. Photo from Vietnam In Focus.

What Makes Danang Unique

At its heart, any tour should focus on what makes the place it covers unique. So, before jumping into specific Da Nang tours, let’s look at some factors that make it stand out.

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Natural beauty in and around the Da Nang cityscape

tours in da nang3 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
A group of fishmongers. Photo from Vietnam In Focus.

Unlike most big Vietnamese destinations like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Danang is interspersed with beautiful natural sights. For instance, My Khe Beach, which is located near the center of Danang, was named by Forbes as one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth.

Da Nang is also the gateway to many of the most beautiful nature in Vietnam. Breathtaking natural landmarks like the Marble Mountains are within minutes of the urban sprawl. UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Hoi An Ancient Townthe Imperial City of Hue, and the My Son Sanctuary are just a short trip away. Many tours, self-guided or otherwise, allow you to explore these natural wonders.

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Modern infrastructure

tours in da nang4 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
Ba Na Hills In Da Nang. Photo by Khoi Tran

Most Vietnamese cities have an older infrastructure. While that adds to their charm and makes traveling in Vietnamese cities a memorable experience, it might be nice for some to experience Da Nang’s more modern infrastructure.

Da Nang was a French village during the colonial period, and it has only been developed into a metropolis in recent years. Because Danang’s development is new compared to most Vietnamese cities, it is home to wide roads, marvels of civil engineering (like the Dragon Bridge that actually breathes fire), and a less chaotic traffic system than Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Diverse cultural blend

As mentioned, Da Nang has a heavily French-inspired history. It’s also located in a culturally diverse part of Vietnam, near many ancient cultural sites and not far from the border with Laos. Because of all those multi-ethnic influences, the city is a melting pot of different cultures, be they Asian or European. It results in festivals, cuisines, and cultural practices you don’t find in other parts of the country.

Da Nang comes alive after the sun sets, offering a vibrant nightlife scene that caters to all tastes. From bustling street markets to stylish bars and live music venues, the city’s evenings are as exciting as its days.

Sunset in Danang coastal city is a great vibe. Video by Tudoi99

1. The Best Tours in Da Nang by Vietnam Is Awesome

tours in da nang5 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
A boat at a dock, My Son beach, Da Nang. Photo from Vietnam In Focus.

Some of the best tours in Da Nang that help you enjoy the unique aspects of the city in an authentic but comfortable environment include our carefully curated photography tours. Da Nang is an incredible city for photography. It has extremely diverse landscapes that combine beachfront, forest, and urban elements, and its mix of cultural influence results in distinct architecture that looks great in snapshots. The city is also home to a colorful and vibrant street life that changes as the sun goes down. Vietnam is Awesome’s Da Nang Tours Department, which specializes in leading two photography tours that let visitors see the city in a new way — through a viewfinder.

Da Nang Waterfront Photo Tour

tours in da nang6 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
A boat in My Khe beach, Da Nang. Photo from Vietnam In Focus.

The Danang on the Waterfront photography tour takes place early in the morning, starting at 5:30 am. The tour focuses on the part of Danang that few tourists get to see but which is historically the lifeblood of the city’s economy: the bustling waterfront in the early morning. It will take you to a beachside fish market, the Danang Harbor, a local ice factory, and a ship-building workshop. This memorable scenery will be bathed in the light of the coastal sunrise, making for a picture-perfect view of the port activity that made Da Nang what it is today. “Excellent tour, great for photography lovers!” – A satisfied traveler.

Early birds – Book this tour now with free cancellation and explore Da Nang through your lens

Da Nang Riverside by Night Photography Tour

tours in da nang7 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
Dragon bridge in Da Nang. Photo from Vietnam In Focus.

Experience the magic of Da Nang at night. Ideal for night owls, this tour takes you through the illuminated cityscapes, teaching the art of evening photography. Capture stunning shots of the city’s glowing riverside and learn about night photography techniques. The tour is perfect for those who want to see Da Nang in a different light.

The Danang Riverside by Night photography tour takes place in the evening, beginning just before sunset so as to get the best natural lighting. The time focuses on the city’s modern engineering and vibrant nightlife scene. It starts by crossing the famous Dragon Bridge and continues past local markets, cathedrals, and bustling food areas. Everything is gently lit by the bright lights of the city.

Night owls – secure your spot with free cancellation and discover why this is one of the most unique tours in Da Nang City.

Capturing Da Nang’s Essence with this Private Tour

Both tours are led by a professional photographer, providing all the accessories needed for a comfortable experience. They’re some of Vietnam is Awesome’s flagship tours, and we are very confident in saying they’re a couple of the best ways to experience Da Nang. The dates and terms include free cancellation, too, so they don’t restrict the flexibility of your vacation.

2. Top Attractions and Da Nang Tours

Nature Tours in Da Nang: Da Nang does an amazing job of seamlessly blending its urban sprawl with the area’s natural beauty. In fact, every day it’s easy to get out into nature without even leaving the city.

Like most locations in this article, you don’t need to join a package tour to correctly experience Da Nang’s natural beauty. Going to the landmark yourself and either going on a self-guided tour or purchasing tickets there will get you a much better price and allow you to have a more flexible vacation schedule.

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Marble Mountain Tours

tours in da nang8 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
On top of Marble Mountain. Photo by Jack Young

The Marble Mountains outside Danang are a sacred Buddhist landmark and a spectacular sight.

To tour the Mable Mountains, take a taxi there (or the public bus, which stops nearby, too) and buy an entrance ticket for 40,000 VND. Also, spend 15,000 VND for a map. The map is key here, as it also provides historical information and context on how the Mountains are important in modern society. There’s also an elevator to the top of the mountain, but we’d recommend using the stairs as there is some cool scenery on the way up.

There’s A LOT to see during a visit to the Marble Mountains. Shrines, marble statues, and even a huge cavern built into one of the mountains containing altars. With your map as your guide, you’ll be glad you can explore the Marble Mountains at your own pace.

Hai Van Pass Tours

tours in da nang9 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
Hai Van Pass. Photo from Vietnam In Focus.

“Hai Van” translates to “Ocean of Clouds,” it’s so beautiful that one can see why it got that name. The road is perched atop a mountain rising above Vietnam’s East Sea, arguably the most famous street in the country. Touring the renowned Pass at your own pace is the best way to take in the landmark, especially because the area is excellent for selfies or nature photography.

One option to tour Hai Van is renting your own motorbike in Danang for a day trip. The Pass is just outside Da Nang and leads to Hue, where you can drop off the motorbike to avoid returning to Da Nang if you are making a road trip out of it. The other option is taking an Easy Rider private tour of Hai Van. Many such tours are available at agencies in Da Nang.

Recommended stops on a Hai Van tour include:

  • Hiking down to the “Secret Beach” on the Danang side of the Pass.
  • Getting a drink at one of the cafes on top of the Pass.
  • Exploring Hai Van Gate, marked by a watchtower at the top of the Pass.
  • Visiting Elephant Spring.

3. Beyond Da Nang: Must-Visit Tours & Attractions

Cultural Tours in Da Nang: Even though it has only developed into a large city in recent decades, Da Nang still has a rich culture based on ancient traditions. Touring spots like pagodas and temples with great spiritual significance is the best way to experience that culture firsthand.

My Son Temple Tours

tours in da nang10 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
My Son Sanctuary. Photo by Steve Douglas.

My Son Sanctuary is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and undoubtedly one of the most sacred sites in Vietnam. History buffs, and cultural travellers, this one’s for you.

The My Son ruins are located about 25 kilometers from Danang. There are three recommended options to get to My Son from Da Nang:

  1. Taxi (car or motorbike)
  2. Shuttle bus. This option obviously has a lower price than taxis, and every tour agency in Da Nang will offer a shuttle bus to My Son.
  3. Bicycle tour. Grasshopper Tours offers a great bicycle tour to My Son. It’s the perfect distance for a bike ride, and the scenery on the way is stunning. This option includes a guided tour of My Son Sanctuary.

Once you’re at My Son, pay the 150,000 VND entry price and take the free shuttle the remaining 2 kilometers to the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is fairly small, so you don’t need a map during your visit. You’ll pass by rows of stalls selling handicrafts and stages with members of the local Cham ethnic minority putting on traditional performances. Finally, you’ll reach the incredible ruins themselves. Many on-site tour friendly guides there will gladly guide you around the sanctuary and provide historical context on a private group tour,

Linh Ung Pagoda Tours

tours in da nang11 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
Linh Ung Pagoda. Photo by Hiệp Vũ.

Linh Ung Pagoda is located atop a tall mountain on Son Tra Peninsula, about 10 kilometers from Da Nang’s center. The best ways to get to Linh Ung Pagoda are by taxi, motorbike, or bicycle. The road there is well-maintained, so it should be easy.

The pagoda has so much to explore that getting a tour guide to show you around would feel excessive. The amount of golden and marble statues, ornately carved gateways, and altars there is staggering. The crown jewel is the pagoda’s 67-meter-tall Lady Buddha statue, seen everywhere in Danang. The peaceful sounds of the temple bells, the monks’ chanting, and the breathtaking views of Da Nang from anywhere in the pagoda make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The best part is, the pagoda has no entrance price!

Ba Na Hills Tours

Perched 1,500 meters above sea level in the Truong Son Mountain Range, Ba Na Hills is more than just a theme park and resort complex – it’s an incredible experience near Da Nang. Although it’s still among the area’s hidden gems, this entertaining destination has gained popularity, especially on Instagram, for its surreal “Golden Bridge,” cradled by giant stone hands. It’s not just an iconic landmark of South East Asia, but a symbol of creativity and ingenuity in Vietnam. Ba Na Hills is of the biggest attractions near Da Nang.

The journey to Ba Na Hills is an experience in itself. The cable car ascent offers panoramic views, sweeping through dense, lush forests—arguably the highlight of the trip for travelers. The park boasts an eclectic mix of attractions, from thrilling rides to exhibits, all nestled amidst architecture ranging from traditional Vietnamese to French Colonial.

The area around the Ba Na Hills theme park is just as magical as the park itself. The views from the top of the mountain are some of the best in central Vietnam, looking down on Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, and the East Sea. And then there’s the Golden Bridge, the walking bridge being “held” by two stone hands jutting out of the side of the mountain near the entrance of Ba Na Hills.

tours in da nang
Golden Bridge, Da Nang. Photo by VIA Ambassador Benjamin Tortorelli

You certainly won’t need a tour guide to lead you around Ba Na Hills because there are activities, sites of natural beauty, or opportunities to learn about Vietnamese culture everywhere you look. It’s a fantastic and fun day trip for Da Nang visitors of any age, but it’s especially great for families with kids traveling in Vietnam.

The entrance price for Ba Na Hills theme park is 850,000 VND for adults and 700,000 VND for kids. Tack on 290,000 VND (or 160,000 for kids) for an added lunch buffet and tickets for the cable car running up and down the mountain. You can purchase tickets at the gate.

Explore Central Vietnam’s Greatest Wonders

tours in da nang13 - BEST Tours in Da Nang in 2024: A Snapshot of Beautiful Sites & Experiences
Dragon Bridge at night in Da Nang. Photo by Ngo Thanh Tung

Danang truly is the gateway to Central Vietnam. It’s easily accessible by an international airport and is well-connected by highway and rail. It’s also a stunning urban landscape in its own right, something which is best experienced via photography tours like the ones mentioned above.

After photographing Da Nang’s urban center, branch out and tour the local area. One of the great things about Central Vietnam is that it is still a bit more “DIY” than the more developed Northern and Southern parts of the country, so self-guided tours are the best way to go.

We hope this guide of our carefully selected top Da Nang tours (self-guided and otherwise) helps make your visit to Da Nang a little more awesome. Now, go forth and explore Vietnam!

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Now, go forth and explore Vietnam in all its splendor!

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