8 Best Beach in Da Nang: How to Choose Your Paradise

Located in the center of Vietnam, Da Nang is a city on the move. Here, natural, untouched coastline meets the modern world and while tourism is booming, sustainability has not been forgotten. Stay till the end as we about to explore the best beach in Da Nang for your next vacation in Vietnam!

Is Da Nang worth visiting?

Absolutely. Da Nang has 2 UNESCO sites at its doorstep and provides a great base for countless other world-renowned adventures and culinary experiences. Some examples include:

  • Driving through the Hai Van pass
  • Drinking traditional egg coffee in Hoi An
  • Ducking in out of caves in the majestic Marble Mountains
  • Enjoying fresh seafood around the Son Tra Peninsula
  • Exploring the ancient My Son ruins
  • Relaxing on white-sand beaches in Da Nang city.

Similar in vibe to Surfer’s Paradise in Australia or Miami Beach in America, Da Nang feels like a sleepy beach town during the day but comes alive at night with upmarket shopping and dining experiences.

Da Nang city has been a hub of foreign culture for hundreds of years. The French Imparted their rich and colonial architecture, whereas modern Chinese and Korean investment has generated a plethora of delicious food options. As for the infrastructure, experts from Singapore have been called on to turn Da Nang into a ‘garden city’ by 2030. With cutting-edge waste and transport management systems, this city is only going to get greener in the future.

it’s not surprising then that the beaches on offer are pristine. With so many beach options to choose from, this guide will help you find the best beach for you.

8 Best Beaches In Da Nang

The Best City Beach – My Khe and Bac My An

These two beaches make up the main city beach that stretches for over 10km across the eastern coastline. Going from top to bottom, My Khe beach is in Phước Mỹ district which is the central area for tourists, while Bac My An is a little further south and a little quieter.

  • Location – Walking distance from any hotel in the eastern districts. Boasts city vistas and Son Tra in the background. Palms trees line the boulevard.
  • Services and Swimming Safety – Easy to access cafes and restaurants. Swimming is supervised and flags indicate safe areas.
  • Cleanliness – Very clean, pristine, and well-kept.
  • Activities – The rough ocean is great for surfing and other water sports while the beach has shady areas for picnics.

1. My Khe Beach – Bustling

Silky white sand squeaks beneath your feet and trash is a rarity that quickly gets snatched up by the lifeguard and other attendants. Gorgeous palm trees line the beach and provide glorious shade from the unadulterated sunshine. From here, a beautiful city vista is laid out in front of you with the Son Tra peninsula as a hazy backdrop to the shimmering city skyscrapers. There are many excellent restaurants at hand that have stunning views of the bay. Deckchair cafes for on-beach service can be found lining My khe beach.

My Khe Beach - 8 Best Beach in Da Nang: How to Choose Your Paradise
My Khe Beach – Best Beaches In Danang

The ocean is restless and the waves can get quite big as this long stretch of beach is located far away from sheltered coves. Swimming is safe but follow the rules set out by the beach’s management. Riptides are not uncommon and even strong swimmers should heed the advice of the lifeguard. My Khe beach is great for amateur surfers with many surf shops positioned nearby offering rental.

My Khe beach is often shared with Vietnamese locals and tourists alike. In the evening couples, families, and beach volleyball teams share the beach in sunset harmony and meditation groups sit listening to the ocean waves.

2. Bac My An Beach- Relaxed

Slap bang in the middle of the My An and Khue My districts is a small area known as Bac My An. Home to some upmarket hospitality including resorts, restaurants, and casinos. One part of Bac My An beach is known locally as ‘premier beach’ due to its location in front of the luxury Premier Village Resort.

best beach da nang Bac My An - 8 Best Beach in Da Nang: How to Choose Your Paradise
Bac My An beach in Danang.

This particular spot is open to the public but still retains the peacefulness and cleanliness of a private beach. Parking is offered at 4,000 VND for the day and security are there to watch over your bike. Bac My An beach is a great choice for beachside picnics during the day with groves of lush palm trees for shade.

The Best Southern Beach

3. Non Nuoc Beach – Exclusive and Great for Sunrise.

  • Location – Close to Hoi An and the Marble Mountains.
  • Services and Swimming Safety – Casinos and hotels have luxury private beaches with public access in parts.
  • Cleanliness – Pristine to the max.
  • Activities – VIP service in world-renowned hospitality.

Non Nuoc beach is on the most southern end of this coastal stretch and is nestled amongst luxury resorts and hotels including the Montgomerie Links golf course and Vinpearl Spa.

As you can imagine, the level of beach tranquility here is world-class. The busyness of the city is far away and the beach is not very busy. The fancy resorts have private areas but there is some space for public use too.

Non Nuoc beach faces east, so it is a great location to watch a beautiful sunrise over the clear blue sea. For those keen on an early morning adventure, sunrise is at roughly 6 am.

Best Northern Beach – Xuan Thieu, Thanh Binh, and Nam O beach stretch

These three beaches combine on the northern section of the city. A large and sleepy highway skirts along the seafront before disappearing into the Hai Van pass. A trip along this beachfront holds a spectacular view of the other side of Da Nang. Hammock cafes are sprung along the forested coastline and the landscape is raw.

  • Location – Readily accessible to hotels and resorts in the north of Da Nang city. Views are of the Hai Van mountain pass and local fishing life.
  • Services and Swimming Safety – Hammock and deckchair cafes line the boulevard and lifeguards are stationed in the busier areas.
  • Cleanliness – Less clean than on the eastern side but also there is a lot more local life.
  • Activities – Fishing, boat trips, and swimming are all on the table.

4. Nam O Beach – Excursions Into Local Life

Nam O beach is on the northern tip just before the Hai Van pass swallows up the highway. During the war, this area was known as Red Beach One by American forces. From here mountains tower above you and the ocean has reefs and rocky areas for activities. Many fishing boats engage in the tourist trade and holidaymakers can organize a fishing trip or gain access to hidden coves around the coastline. Other outdoor activities include windsurfing and surfing.

5. Xuan Thieu Beach- Local Cuisine and Coffee

Also known as Red Beach (two), this is the largest stretch of beach that is easily accessible from the northern districts of Da Nang. Many Vietnamese locals come to Xuan Thieu beach to unwind late into the evening. Therefore many exciting and interesting street food vendors await with beautiful deckchair cafes set up along the boulevard. Most of the lifeguarded areas are in the center of Xuan Thieu beach with a first aid station every 100 meters or so.

6. Thanh Binh Beach – Currently Under Construction

Thanh Binh beach is the closest beach to the city center. It is on the far right of the northern coastline, near where the Han River meets the ocean. As of March 2022, most of this area is closed for redevelopment, so stay tuned for an exciting new beach experience in the future!

Best Sunset Beach

7. Tien Sa Beach – Sunsets and White Sand

  • Location – Further away from the city center and in a little cove on the Son Tra peninsula. One of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam with stunning mountain views.
  • Services and Swimming Safety – A couple of upmarket hotels and resorts offer parking and a simple drinks service. Swimming is loosely supervised.
  • Cleanliness – 5-star cleanliness from the white sand to the clear blue water.
  • Activities – Amazing sunset viewing with a calm ocean.

Positioned on a small cove on the Son Tra Peninsula, this beach has white sand and is a popular sunset viewing spot for tourists and Vietnamese locals. A handful of resorts and hotels have accommodation close to the clear blue waters.

Tien Sa beach is set in a beautiful cove and thus the ocean is very soft. The ambiance is very tranquil, and the beach and ocean are kept sparkling clean.

A little like Bai Bac beach in its location and natural terrain, Tien Sa beach is a public beach and the boutique Navy Hotel offers motorbike parking at 10,000 VND. On the other hand, Bai Bac beach is private and can be accessed through a reservation at one of the hotels or resorts there.

Holidaymakers to Tien Sa beach can enjoy amazing sunsets. Sunset is early in Vietnam due to its location near the equator with around 6 pm being a pretty dependable time. From the rocky outcrop on the far right side of the beach, it’s possible to watch as the sun sets over the cloud-capped Hai Van mountains. From this spot you will get an exploding vista with hues of orange, purple, and blue.

The Best Adventure Beach

8. Lang Co Beach

  • Location – 50 kilometers north from Da Nang but incorporates the Hai Van Pass into the experience. A great adventure with stunning views!
  • Services and Swimming Safety – Cafes and restaurants are on the straight part of the beach. There are no flags nor lifeguards for supervised swimming.
  • Cleanliness – Relatively clean. It’s a working beach with fishing boats and other elements of local life. The ocean is sparkling clean.
  • Activities – Great for photography with on-beach tiki hut vibes. Hiking trails are found nearby.

This beach is a two-part experience. While technically not being in Da Nang, Lang Co is an experience not to be missed when you visit this region of Vietnam. A very local and laidback beach awaits, but only after you travel an hour north through the lofty mountains of the Hai Van pass. On this route, a glorious highway twists and turns through raw mountainous terrain, overlooking blue water beaches down below.

When you reach Lang Co village, check out the long part of the beach for the tiki hut cafes and restaurants that offer fresh seafood. Further on, the curved part offers a look into local fishing village life with a boat harbor and shipbuilders.

Lang Co beach is relatively clean in the tourist area near the restaurants, but closer to the boatyard, less so. Still, the ocean is as clear as ever. Swimming is unsupervised and there is no flag system to indicate safe swimming areas, though locals confidently swim here without issue.

Hue – Danang – Hoi An In One Day

Da Nang’s location near landmark destinations such as Hue and Hoi An means a trip to this region is packed full of things to do. See what Danang and the central coast have to offer in just 24 seconds and get inspired for your central Vietnam exploration!


Can you swim in Da Nang beaches?

Yes, you can. There are many beaches to choose from depending on your swimming skill level and confidence. Some beaches have onsite lifeguards and first aid facilities whereas others are unsupervised and isolated. There have been very rare reports of shark incidents over the years and the chances of this happening are so small that it is nothing to worry about. Here are some tips to ensure a worry-free time in the ocean:

  1. The Buddy System. Always have a buddy when you go swimming in the sea. Keep your eyes on them and they’ll watch over you too.
  2. Don’t worry about sharks. Sharks tend to stay away from humans and in these busy coastal waters, they have become extremely rare.
  3. Don’t swim at night. At this time visibility is poor and the success of a rescue at sea is unlikely. Also, dusk is prime hunting time for predatory fish and they too suffer from bad eye-sight.
  4. Stay away from jellyfish. Box jellyfish have been found in the coastal waters of Vietnam. Other species of jellyfish are more common and don’t pose any real threat, just a little discomfort.
  5. Beware of riptides. This is where the ocean current takes you further away from the beach. Riptides can be very strong and hard to spot. If you feel you are in a riptide then swim parallel to the beach until the current has weakened and then calmly swim back to safety.
da nang beach
My Khe Beach, Da Nang // Photo by Tee11 / Shutterstock

When is the best time to visit Da Nang?

Da Nang is a coastal city in Vietnam and so it is often warm and windy. There are two parts of the year that you need to pay attention to:

The Dry Season

The dry season in Da Nang, Vietnam, is typically from March to September with the hottest months from June to August. Temperatures can go above 40 degrees celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the day but the heat is quite dry (compared to Ho Chi Minh City) and a bit of shade and the salty ocean breeze will keep you cool. June to August is also the peak season for domestic and international tourists and the city will be a little busier – not really a problem as there is so much beach to go around!

The Wet Season

The wet season is from October to March and during this time the region experiences heavy rain and some typhoons. The sky may be gray but the temperature is still hot, though a little cooler than in the dry season. Going from January to March the weather improves and temperatures are still lower at around 25 degrees (celsius).

To help you plan your trip, check out our guide to the Best Time To Visit Da Nang.

Is it better to stay in Hoi An or Da Nang?

If you prefer more laid-back beach vibes then the luxury resorts of Da Nang are your paradise. On the other hand, if rustic architecture and traditional culture is your poison, then stay in the old quarter of Hoi An. Both destinations are so close together that with only 30 kilometers of beautiful beachside highway connecting the two, travelers to this region tend to stay at both. Along the coastal route, there are many world-famous attractions such as Marble Mountains in Ngu Hanh Son district, so a small trip between the two is rather beautiful.

That concludes our guide to the Best Beach Da Nang. There are so many beaches to choose from, each with their own character and charms, but choosing one or two of the best beaches in Da Nang won’t disappoint whether you have just a few days or a whole week to enjoy and explore.

And there’s much more to Da Nang than just beaches! Make sure you take a look at our comprehensive guide of things to do in Da Nang to make your trip count!

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