Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is 150 meters long and it stands on a hill 1400 meters over the sea level. It is an architectural marvel that will make you feel like walking across heaven. Built in 2018, the bridge is the most famous of many attractions of the Ba Na Hills complex that has elements of Disneyland, French architecture, and Buddhist retreat. The golden arched pedestrian bridge looks like it is supported by two giant stone hands.

There have been fashion shows that took place on the bridge, and because the whole complex was tailor-made for the social media age, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam.

In order to visit the bridge you have to buy a ticket to Ba Na Hills. The first attraction of the complex is a charming village of bridges, statues, and water features replicating Hoi An. Next, there is possibly the park’s second most famous attraction – the Ba Na Cable Car, the longest non-stop single-track cable car ride, at over 19,000 feet in length. After a journey with spectacular views from the clouds you get off in a French village, which is also a hub to get to other attractions, for example a spiritual area of the park, with temples, pagodas, and Japanese gardens, along with a 9-story Giant Buddha. Those who are not easily impressed by man-made attractions can still admire the fresh mountain air and the endless views.

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