Cao Dai Temple

Cao Dai Temple is the largest temple in Central Vietnam, and second-largest in Vietnam overall, serving as a place for gatherings and prayers to followers of Caodaism. The building is a combination of Neo-Gothic, Baroque, and Oriental design. It is very ornately decorated, including dragon wrapped pillars, seven-headed cobras, and sky-blue ceilings.

Caodaism was founded in Vietnam in the early 1920s, based on the main religions of the East and West and different cultures. Today the religion has approximately 1.5 million followers.

A sign reading van giao nhat ly (all religions have the same reason) hangs before the main altar. Behind the gilded letters are the founders of five of the world’s religions: Mohammed, Laozi (wearing Eastern Orthodox–style robes), Jesus, a Southeast Asian–looking Buddha, and Confucius. Behind the main altar sits an enormous globe with the Cao Dai ‘divine eye’ symbol.

Caodaists dress in long flowing robes of white, yellow, blue, or red for priests while bishops have the Divine Eye embroidered on their headpieces. 

The most colorful time to visit is when noon prayer is taking place, but you will have to wait until prayers have finished.

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