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Things to do in

Hoi An

Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, captivates visitors with its well-preserved Ancient Town, characterized by lantern-lit streets, French colonial architecture, and a rich trading history. This enchanting city offers diverse experiences, from serene beaches and exquisite culinary adventures to immersive cultural and creative activities. Whether you’re meandering through the old town, exploring the lush countryside, or indulging in local flavors, Hoi An promises a journey filled with discovery and charm.

Historical & Cultural Insights

Marble Mountains2 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Explore the Marble Mountains

Venture into the caves, visit ancient pagodas, and enjoy panoramic views of Da Nang. Consider this tour for an in-depth experience. Discover more.

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tra que vegetable village 4 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Explore the Traditional Villages

Gain insights into local crafts and agriculture at Tra Que Vegetable Village and Kim Bong Carpentry Village.

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hoi an museum scaled - Things To Do In Hoi An

Learn at Hoi An Museums

Explore the city’s rich history and culture at the Hoi An Museum, the Ceramic Museum, and the Folklore Museum.

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myson 02 1 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Visit the My Son Sanctuary

Discover the ancient Hindu temples set in a lush valley, showcasing the spiritual and architectural heritage of the Champa Kingdom. Experience it with the Amazing My Son Sunset Tour or the My Son Holyland Luxury Tour.

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Hoian - Things To Do In Hoi An

Stroll Through Hoi An Ancient Town

Wander the lantern-filled lanes, visit historic houses and assembly halls, and cross the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge. Explore the heart of Hoi An.

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Nature Lovers

thu bon river hoi an - Things To Do In Hoi An

Thu Bon River Cruise

Enjoy the peaceful ambiance of Hoi An from the water, especially captivating at sunset.

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local handicraft in hoi an - Things To Do In Hoi An

Eco Tours

Engage in eco-friendly tours focusing on conservation efforts, from bamboo crafting workshops to organic farming initiatives.

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a20aa785165943588cc1f56aec10f707Hoi An Sunset 2 lg - Things To Do In Hoi An

Cycling in the Countryside

Embark on a bike tour to explore the scenic rural landscapes, paddy fields, and riverside communities around Hoi An.

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coconut boat ride hoi an 02 1689698072 1 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Visit the Coconut Jungle

Experience basketboat rowing in the Cam Thanh Coconut Jungle near Hoi An. Part of this experience includes visits to some Da Nang attractions on the Full-Day Tour.

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an bang beach 1 scaled - Things To Do In Hoi An

An Bang Beach Relaxation

Unwind on one of Hoi An’s most picturesque beaches, offering sun, sea, and relaxation. Discover the Best Beaches in Hoi An.

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Leisure & Lifestyle

HoiAn Le Fe Dining Place - Things To Do In Hoi An

Dine Out

Hoi An is a melting pot of exquisite food. See our listing of the best restaurants.

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hoi an food market - Things To Do In Hoi An

Savor Street Food

Delve into Hoi An’s lively night market to sample local street foods. Hoi An Food Guide.

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U Cafe Hoi An - Things To Do In Hoi An

Café Culture

Experience the unique atmosphere of Hoi An’s coffee shops, featuring traditional Vietnamese coffee and contemporary blends. Best Coffee in Hoi An.

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Five Senses Spa in hoi an - Things To Do In Hoi An

Spa and Wellness

Indulge in a traditional spa experience, offering rejuvenating treatments throughout the city. Discover the best Spas in Hoi An.

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hoi an night market 3 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Night Market

Experience the bustling atmosphere of the Hoi An Night Market, offering delicious street food and unique crafts. Learn more in Hoi An Night Market Guide.

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bebe tailor hoi an1 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Go Shopping

Hoi An is famous for its tailor shops, handcrafted goods, and vibrant markets. Discover what to buy in this cultural gem in What to Buy in Hoi An.

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Active & Creative Activities

hoi an basket boat tour 2 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Adventure Park

Visit Hoi An’s adventure parks for zip-lining, climbing, and various thrilling activities for all ages.

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hoi an ancient town 6 1 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Walking Tours

Discover the city’s architectural marvels and historical sites. Hoi An Sunset Tour & Hoi An Sunrise Tour.

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an bang beach - Things To Do In Hoi An

Beach Sports

Enjoy active beach fun at An Bang or Cua Dai Beach.

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yoga in hcmc - Things To Do In Hoi An

Yoga Retreats

Participate in a yoga session or retreat in serene locations, perfect for relaxation and mindfulness.

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hoi an tour 21 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Explore Hoi An’s waterways for a tranquil countryside perspective.

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hoi an tour 18 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Go Fishing

Experience the traditional fishing techniques. Hoi An Farmers & Fishermen Tour.

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hoi an handicraft tours lantern making lantern display 1 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Attend a Lantern Making Workshop

Craft your lantern and learn about this significant cultural artifact in Hoi An. Lantern Making & Farmer at Tra Que Village.

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Cham Island Snorkeling Tour Hoian Culture Pham Travel 2 - Things To Do In Hoi An

Cham Islands Snorkeling

Take a day trip to these islands for pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs. Cham Island Sightseeing and Snorkeling Tour.

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FAQs: Things to do in Hoi An

Yes! Hoi An is often cited by tourists and locals alike as their favorite place in Vietnam to visit. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a little of everything a tourist could want, including:

  • Old-world charm with picturesque avenues and architecture.
  • Buzzing nightlife.
  • Fantastic shopping opportunities, from local markets to artisan shops.
  • Historically rich sites.
  • Cultural experiences.
  • Naturally beautiful surroundings.
  • A good location close to both Da Nang and Hue.

A few of the most popular historical sites in Hoi An are:

Historical sites just outside Hoi An include:

The six museums in Hoi An are a good way to learn about the local culture, and Hoi An’s “wet markets” will give you a glimpse into the day-to-day life of locals. You can also attend a cultural show at Hoi An Theater, participate in a lantern-making workshop, or sign up for a Vietnamese cooking class in Hoi An.

Another great way to experience local culture in Hoi An is by joining an eco-friendly tour experience like the half-day Cam Thanh Eco-Village tour

One of the great things about Hoi An is how easily accessible the culture there is, with ancient architecture, cultural workshops, and traditional performances around every corner. So don’t worry about missing out on Vietnamese culture when you visit Hoi An.

A few of the best places to shop in Hoi An are:

  • Tran Phu Street if you’re looking for leather goods.
  • Yaly Tailor shop or Tony the Tailor for bespoke clothes.
  • Hoi An Silk Village on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street for silk products.
  • Kim Bong Carpentry Village for wooden wares.
  • Thanh Ha Pottery Village for ceramics.
  • Nguyen Phuc Chu and Le Loi streets for paper lanterns.
  • Bac Viet on Pham Hong Thai Street for jewelry.
  • Phan Boi Chau Street for paintings.
  • The Hoi An Central Market or the Hoi An Night Market for inexpensive souvenirs and Hoi An street food.

Check out our guide for more detailed tips on shopping in Hoi An.

Yes, Hoi An offers beautiful beaches like An Bang Beach and Cua Dai Beach for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Beachside bars and restaurants provide a perfect setting to relax and enjoy the coastal ambiance. There are also the world-renowned beaches in Da Nang just 30km from Hoi An, including the legendary My Khe Beach.

Those visiting Hoi An can try cycling through the flat countryside outside the city, kayaking on the Thu Bon River. Eco-tours like the Coconut Basket Boats Tour or the Farmers and Fishermen Tour also help you get in touch with the area’s natural beauty.

Hoi An has a vibrant nightlife scene thanks to its many excellent bars and the Hoi An Night Market, which is both bustling and picturesque. The town is very walkable, so set off on foot in the city center to experience the nightlife in Hoi An.