Things To Do In Hoi An

Top 10 Things To Do In Hoi An

Discover The Hoi An Old Town

A walk through the Hoi An old town is even more enchanting at night when the streets come alive with food stalls selling traditional Vietnamese fare, and cyclo bikes peddle people around the riverside. It’s so charming, especially for couples and families. Solo-travelers can find solace in the fact that there lively bars and cafes along the river teeming with like-minded adventurers. Areas of the ancient town are pedestrianized during the evening, so take your time and let the waves of culture wash over you!

Cross The Japanese Covered Bridge

Inside Hoi An’s old town is the famous Japanese bridge with an architectural design dating back 300 years. Careful preservation has meant the bridge is still operational and enchanting to this day. You may have seen this Japanese bridge proudly printed on the 20.000 VND Vietnamese note, or on the Instagram of your travel-savvy friends. It exhibits two large statues of a monkey and two of a dog representing the Chinese years during which many Japanese Emperors were born and also denoting when the bridge was built.

Become Enchanted With Hoi An’s Lantern Culture

The brightly colored lanterns that hang like vines from house to house. Influenced by the Chinese and Japanese equivalents, Vietnamese lanterns feature flowery patterns and artistic natural landscapes on silk fabric. They can be purchased from local sellers with the best location being in the night market on Nguyen Hoang street.

Wander Through Hoi An’s Local Markets

Bustling markets offering anything from local produce to tailor-made suits. You could visit Hoi An night market or Hoi An central market. The Hoi An central market is a focal point of everyday life for fishermen, farmers, and shoppers alike.

Relax Along Hoi An’s Beautiful Beach

Hoi An sits on the eastern coast of Vietnam and enjoys a beautiful stretch of coast that runs all the way up to Da Nang. With the sun rising in the east, early birds will get a great sunrise view from anywhere on the beach.

The most popular beach is An Bang beach. This is at the end of Ha Ba Trung street, just a short 10-minute bike ride north of Hoi An. Parking and other food and beverage services are available and this is also a popular location for hotels.

Cycle To See Iconic Vietnam In Style

A top recommendation is to rent a bicycle, this can be from your hotel or any local agent. Once you’re on a bike, must-see things come thick and fast. Nearby beaches, villages, rice paddies, and the old town are at your fingertips. A popular loop is to head out of town on Ha Ba Trung street towards the beach. Within moments you will be whizzing between gorgeous rice paddies and the traditional village communities that tend to them. After a quick stop off at the beach, return via Lac Long Quan and Cua Dai street for the full loop.

Take A Cooking Class

From informal demonstrations in your hotel to more serious instruction in a school, cooking classes are available for all levels.

Established culinary schools offer bespoke classes that include guided tours of the local market to gather ingredients for a menu that you choose. After only a few hours, you will be able to recreate some of the most signature dishes in Vietnamese cuisine.

Get A Tailor-Made Wardrobe At The Source

Vietnam is known as one of the world’s biggest textile producers, and Hoi An is considered the center of fine fabrics and professional workmanship in the whole Southeast Asian region.

Tourists and locals alike travel here for all their wardrobe needs. Tailors can be found on every street, alleyway, and market with services ranging from world-class to affordable.

Partake In Ancient Vietnamese Fashion

Hoi An is the best place to buy a traditional Vietnamese dress known in Vietnamese as an ‘ao dai’.

Featuring grand designs on smooth silk fabric, ao dai is worn by Vietnamese people for all kinds of customary and religious reasons, in addition to being the standard school uniform, usually for girls. Many domestic tourists take a trip to Hoi An specifically to have an ao dai custom made, and numerous variations of the Ao Dai can be bought off-the-shelf.

Jump On A Lantern Boat In Thu Bon River

An excellent way to see Hoi An from a different perspective is by lantern boat.

Simply a wooden rowboat dressed in candles and lanterns, tourists can jump aboard and cruise past some of the most iconic landmarks of Hoi An, including the Japanese bridge, the central market, and rows of gorgeous-looking stone houses. A trip can take 30 minutes to over 1 hour depending on the tour itinerary and is breathtaking at night with all the lantern light dancing on the water.

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