Old House of Tan Ky

Anyone walking along the river can eventually find the courtyard to this yellow coloured stone house. It’s a two-century-old house designed by a local Vietnamese family. Delicately intertwined with old imperial Chinese and Japanese interior design, it adds a little bit of everything associated with Hoi An. It is Hoi An in the shape of a house. This house has been preserved for seven generations, which is why it’s on the UNESCO World Heritage map today. It was built up using local materials and a collection of materials and antiques from local markets and trades fairs. It’s eclectic yet very East Asian in identity. The Japanese style swords wrapped in silk provide a captivating Asian style in a wooden furnished room. You’ll see exquisite vases and various styles of calligraphy which immerse the mind into East Asian culture. Look for the Chinese poems and Chinese characters that are created by bird drawings. Going back to the courtyard, you can see a European influence. The balcony is decorated with grape leaves. The back of the house is a scientific measuring tool to some extent. It keeps records of the floods which happen in Hoi An, including the great flood of 1964 which filled up the whole ground floor! The house is located at 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc. Opening hours are 08.30-17.45. Times are subject to change due to low season or national holidays taking place. Ask directly for guided tours available on the day.

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