Phung Hung Old House

This house is dated back to 1780 and is part of the unique cultural heritage that identifies Hoi An. Build during the major town development period of Ho An, this house possesses some fascinating and exquisite antiquities. The name Phung Hung is the meaning of prosperity. In its early life, this house was used as a place to sell items which symbolised prosperity, such as spices, wooden handicrafts and sculptures made by porcelain and glass. The first owner was a Vietnamese Noble businessman who loved the art and design from China and Japan. Much emphasis seems to have been placed on the layout of the house. There are 80 wooden columns which uphold the structure using a lotus-shaped base. Along with the shuttered door connected to the garret, this design can protect against floods during the rainy season. There is a Yin-Yang tiling system which provides a natural air-filtering system. The Carps in the house represent power, prosperity and fortune to the residents. The house comes from a wealthy family and it is evident with the show of antiquities on display. The wood furniture is classic imperial Asian design and various china to be seen is grandiose. It is a place which shows the illustrious and prosperous period of Hoi An in the 18th and 19th Century. It is located on No. 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St. Opening hours are 08.30-18.00, subject to change based on low-season or national holidays.

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