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As the capital city of Vietnam for over a thousand years, Hanoi is home to well-preserved historical monuments and centuries-old architecture. From wandering through the storied streets of the Old Quarter to experiencing its dynamic culinary scene, Hanoi offers a journey through time. Here are our top recommendations for the best things to do in Hanoi.

Historical & Cultural Insights

Vietnamese Womens Museum - Things To Do In Hanoi

Celebrate Women in Vietnam

Understand the role of women in Vietnam’s history and society, through a range of exhibits and stories at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum.

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Fine Arts Museum - Things To Do In Hanoi

Explore the Fine Arts Museum

Discover Vietnamese art history through diverse art collections, spanning from ancient times to the modern era.

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St Josephs CathedralHN - Things To Do In Hanoi

Visit St. Joseph’s Cathedral

See the Gothic architecture of this historic cathedral in the heart of Hanoi, a reminder of the city’s colonial past.

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Hoa Lo Prison Hanoi Vietnam - Things To Do In Hanoi

Experience Hoa Lo Prison

Understand Vietnam’s past through this historic prison turned museum, a testament to the country’s turbulent history.

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GettyImages 171148259 super - Things To Do In Hanoi

Admire the One Pillar Pagoda

Visit this beautiful site – renowned for its lotus-inspired design, this pagoda is a serene oasis of spirituality, reflecting the elegance of Vietnamese Buddhist architecture and rich history.

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imperial citadel - Things To Do In Hanoi

Explore a UNESCO Site

Discover the historical depth and wonder of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – a  UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hanoi.

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temple of literature 1 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Visit the Temple of Literature

Explore this historic Confucian temple, originally Vietnam’s first university, and a symbol of the country’s educational heritage.

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18aa78d4 daaf 4c18 b4bd 3edb73898507 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Learn about Ho Chi Minh

Tour the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum & learn about the life and legacy of Vietnam’s iconic leader, Ho Chi Minh. A memorial and profound symbol of national unity.

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Urban Adventures & Entertainment

Jade of River Hanoi – Sunset Dinner Cruise - Things To Do In Hanoi

Take a River Cruise

Enjoy scenic views and a different perspective of Hanoi on the Red River

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hoponhopoffbusinhanoi - Things To Do In Hanoi

Hop on Hop Off

Navigate your sightseeing with ease with the Hop on Hop Off bus. Discover Hanois main attractions with comfortable, open-air, double-decker buses.

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hanoi vintage motorbike tour 18 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Adventure on a Vintage Motorbike

Experience the best of Hanoi, with a guided vintage Motorbike tour to all the best local secrets, famous attractions, street food, and back alleys!

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hanoi night market 2 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Visit Traditional Craft Villages

Discover Bat Trang’s pottery, Van Phuc’s silk, Ha Thai’s lacquerware, and more. Each village around Hanoi showcases unique Vietnamese craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

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giang nguyen ZrHwTR0wUxA unsplash 1 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Experience Hanoi’s Nightlife

From the local draft beer at Bia Hơi Corner to the trendy bars and clubs, and outdoor live music venues.

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egg coffee - Things To Do In Hanoi

Café Hopping

Explore Hanoi’s unique coffee culture in its vibrant cafes.

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hanoi night market old quarter - Things To Do In Hanoi

Shop at the Night Market

Immerse in local shopping and street food in the Old Quarter.

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hanoi opera house 2 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Watch a Hanoi Opera House Show

Experience cultural shows in this historic venue.

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Leisure & Lifestyle

minh ng c iJOQ9 Qi968 unsplash - Things To Do In Hanoi

Attend Art Exhibitions

Engage with the local art scene by visiting galleries and attending various art exhibitions.

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nang cafe hanoi - Things To Do In Hanoi

Art Cafes and Bookshops Visits

Spend time in Hanoi’s artistic spaces, perfect for inspiration and relaxation.

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hanoi old quarter cultural centre 2 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Literature and Antique Street Exploration

Wander through streets dedicated to books and antiques, a haven for history and literature enthusiasts.

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thuong tra 2 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Tea Culture Exploration

Experience the tranquility and tradition of Vietnamese tea in serene tea houses.

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Hanoi Botanical Garden 1024x576 1 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Relax in Hanoi’s Botanical Gardens

Find serenity amidst lush greenery, a perfect escape from the city bustle.

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307295756 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Picnic at West Lake

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of West Lake, perfect for a relaxing day out.

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hanoi secret coffee 3 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Coffee Culture Experience

Dive into the unique world of Vietnamese coffee at traditional and contemporary cafes. Try egg coffee at one of these famous cafes in Hanoi.

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minh d ng zggRfPcVJAI unsplash 1 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Leisurely Walks by Hoan Kiem Lake

Enjoy the tranquil ambiance of Hoan Kiem lake, especially in the mornings and evenings, with activities like Tai Chi and street performances.

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Active & Creative Activities

5fc26296 975a 408c 9394 1d2c28136a67 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Traditional Vietnamese Pottery Classes

Experience the art of pottery at local studios or cultural centers, especially in the Bat Trang Ceramic Village.

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photo 1504609813442 a8924e83f76e q80w1000auto - Things To Do In Hanoi

Dance Classes

Engage in cultural immersion by learning traditional Vietnamese dances or contemporary styles at local studios like Le Cir.

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Hoan Kiem Liake Hanoi Image by Nguyen Do from - Things To Do In Hanoi

Bird Watching in Nature Areas

In Hanoi’s green spaces and nearby locations like Cuc Phuong National Park, observe species such as the vibrant Red Junglefowl, the elegant Silver Pheasant, and the melodious Black-hooded Laughingthrush.

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td1 1589681421 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Kite Flying in Local Parks

Participate in the traditional activity of kite flying, especially popular in spacious parks.

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vietclimb - Things To Do In Hanoi

Rock Climbing at Indoor Facilities

Test your climbing skills at one of Hanoi’s indoor climbing centers, suitable for all levels.

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kayak in hanoi river - Things To Do In Hanoi

Kayaking on the Red River

Paddle through tranquil waters, enjoying scenic views of the countryside and cityscape, a perfect blend of urban and natural beauty.

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Hanoi 20 03 85 1024x683 1 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Tai Chi in Local Parks

Join morning Tai Chi sessions in one of Hanoi’s peaceful parks, a popular activity among locals and visitors alike.

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VIA Travel through history and time 30 - Things To Do In Hanoi

Cycling around West Lake

Enjoy a scenic bike tour around Hanoi’s largest lake, offering fresh air and beautiful views.

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Take a Hanoi Army Jeep Tour
Hanoi’s café culture with unique egg coffee
Visit the Hanoi Train Street
Enjoy a traditional Vietnamese puppet show
Visit galleries & art cafés
Take a photography tour of Tho Ha Noodle Handicraft Village.

Experience Hanoi’s vibrant nightlife at Bia Hoi Junction, enjoy a show at the Hanoi Opera House, explore the night market in the Old Quarter, take a night-time food tour, sip cocktails at vibrant Hanoi bars, discover the music scene in Hanoi at various bars and clubs.

Hanoi offers diverse dining options, from street food at Old Quarter to upscale restaurants. Discover our carefully curated list of restaurants in Hanoi.

Wander through the maze of streets shopping for souvenirs & savor street food.
Enjoy the lively atmosphere at local cafes and bars.
Take a street food tour or a cooking class in the charming Hanoi Old Quarter.

Yes, you can stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake, visit Ngoc Son Temple, explore the historic Old Quarter, or enjoy people-watching in one of the city’s many parks.

Popular tours include Hanoi city tours covering major landmarks, culinary street food tours, traditional craft village tours, and cultural experiences like water puppet shows.

Dong Xuan Market is known for its wide range of goods, including clothes, fabrics, souvenirs, and local food. It’s a bustling spot for experiencing local trade and culture.

Day 1: Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, and evening Street Food Tour.
Day 2: Full-day city tour or Jeep Tour to see landmarks like the Temple of Literature and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. In the evening, indulge in Hanoi’s Restaurant scene.
Day 3: Fine Arts Museum, crafts Market, enjoy a traditional water puppet show, take a cooking class, unwind at one of the best spas in Hanoi.
Day 4: Head out on a day trip to nearby destinations like Ninh Binh to explore its stunning landscapes, Halong Bay for its breathtaking seascape, or venture to Sapa or Ha Giang for a glimpse of Vietnam’s rural beauty.

Halong Bay is accessible by bus, car, or cruise from Hanoi (2.5 to 3 hour journey). Visitors can enjoy boat tours, explore caves, relax on beaches, and experience overnight cruises. You can book your Halong Bay day cruise with Vietnam Is Awesome.