Vietnamese Women’s Museum

In Vietnam, you’ll explore the streets in some way or another. When you do, you’ll find a bunch of street names that seem to have little relevance in meaning. Yet, you’ll also find some street names repeat themselves in various cities across the country. These roads are named after famous Vietnamese people I history. Some of the names are women and this one of the things you’ll discover when visiting the Vietnamese Woman’s Museum.

The museum is managed by the Union of Vietnamese Women and states that their wish is ‘to enhance public knowledge and understanding of history and cultural heritage of Vietnamese women.’ There are thousands of artefacts, ornaments and stories related to women’s society across Vietnam.

Sections are dedicated to females who have made significant impacts on Vietnamese society. Particular displays on show include women in history and special exhibitions giving an example of the impact of females in this society. There is a section showing the role of women in the family, reflecting the circle of life identity as woman, wife and mother. A fashion section shows both traditions and innovation in a female dress in the country.

The museum was renowned by Trip Advisor in 2013 as one of the 25 best museums to visit in East Asia. Located just outside the Old Quarter, the museum is a short bike ride away. There’s so much to be learned about Vietnam from one half of the human world here.

The Vietnamese Woman’s Museum is located at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem. Opening hours are 08:00-17:00, every day.

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