One Pillar Pagoda

Looking at this through eyes outside of Asia, you almost a grand feeding perch that a new giant species of bird would eat from. Birds can move freely in and out of this temple and show the vitality of life. This is a unique Pagoda and one that should be seen on any visit to Hanoi.

The design makes it look that way. Aptly named after its unique architectural design, this Pagoda stands tall on one pillar underneath which stabilises the structure. It is a Buddhist structure built in the 11th Century by Emperor Ty Thai Long. The Pagoda is one of Vietnams most iconic Buddhist Temples. 

The Emperor was childless and wanted a son. In a dream, he met a Bodhisattva. He gave to the Emperor a baby son while sitting on a lotus flower. Emperor Thai Long interpreted he was destined to have a baby son. The Emperor then had a son with a common girl. A Temple was built dedicated to Buddhism. This Pillar was set in the middle of the Lotus Pond, like the setting he had experienced in his dreams. 

It was one of the most widely visited Temples around Vietnam during this period. The Emperor held a water-bathing ceremony on Vesak Day, the birthday of Gautama Buddha. This was shown as a homage to Buddha for giving the Emperor a son. Noblemen, Royals and religious figures such as Monks and Laymen attended the bathing ceremony. The kingdom would let a bird free. The people would follow the bird and its path until the bird was out of sight.

Although destroyed in warfare during the mid-20th century, the design and structure of the One Pillar Pagoda have been restored and it looks exactly like the original. The gardens around the One Pillar Pagoda are a sight for sole eyes. The lotus lake is a beautiful sight and an area to absorb the calm, tranquil atmosphere which exuberates from the Pagoda. This is a photo to be nested in anyone’s album.

The One Pillar Pagoda is located at 100 Dang Van Bi, Binh To, Thu Duc, Thanh Pho. Entrance is free and the opening hours are 08:00-17:00 every day.

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