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A 15-minute drive from Hanoi Old Quarter Tay Ho Lake is the Hanoi’s largest freshwater lake, situated in Tay Ho District. There are plenty of historical places of interest around the lake, luxury hotels, classy restaurants, chic cafes, and even night clubs with a western vibe and electronic music. You can appreciate the natural beauty of the place while exploring vast botanical gardens, lotus ponds, and numerous green areas where you can easily relax and find peace of mind.

A few historical attractions around the lake include Tran Quoc pagoda, the oldest pagoda in Hanoi that was built in the 6th century, Tay Ho pagoda, where people pray for good fortune, health, and happiness, and Quan Thanh Temple, known for its detailed wood carvings of sacred animals, trees and flowers.

Cycling around the lake is a great way to explore the area. Additionally, you can hire a small boat, or take your date on a swan boat and pedal across the lake. If you get hungry, eat lunch on a floating restaurant or head to the southern part of West Lake, where there is a whole street with local seafood restaurants. 

Cooling down in West Lake’s water park is another option. The water park was designed to resemble Santorini, one of the most iconic Greek cities. It has many attractions, including sliders, pools, water fountains, and even roller coasters and a 4D theatre. It is worth giving a thought as tickets are affordable.

Beat the crowds and come in the morning to experience the tranquility or admire the beauty of the place just before the sunset when the lake looks incredibly stunning.

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