Truc Lam Pagoda

Built in 1994, this active temple is the largest Zen Buddhist monastery situated on Phoenix mountain 4 kilometers from Dalat. It is surrounded by a tall pine forest and beautiful gardens full of flowers, which Dalat is famous for. To get there, you can take a 2.4-kilometer cable car for as little as 50k one way, which will reward you with spectacular views of the city and surrounding countryside.

There are two main temples in the complex, the Drum Temple and Bell Temple where you can witness real monastic life, as 100 monks live there studying Zen Buddhism. The place is immaculate with nicely trimmed bonsai trees and the sounds of birds chirping. You can try meditation in this peaceful place and even participate in short training living in guesthouses in the complex. However, the site might get louder when crowds from tours flood the area, so try to get there early. Combine this visit with Tuyen Lam Lake situated at the hill’s bottom, with many places for a picnic. If you don’t want to take a cable car, you can also ride a motorbike from Dalat.

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