Crémaillère Railway Station

Considered one of the finest pieces of colonial engineering and architecture in Vietnam, Dalat’s awe-inspiring train station was built in art deco style designed in harmony with local characteristics and culture where three high-pointed roofs resemble the three peaks of Lang Biang Mountain. Each roof has colorful windows, and there is a large clock hung at the center.

A cremaillere used to link Dalat and Thap Cham from 1928 to 1964 but was disconnected from the Vietnam Rail Network due to Vietcong attacks. These days, visitors enjoy the 7 km track run to Trai Mat, which takes about 30 minutes but leaves only when it has a certain number of passengers. A Japanese steam train is on display here together with other old locomotives. While you are in Trai Mat, you can visit the Linh Phuoc pagoda, which is decorated with broken glass bottles.

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