Datanla Falls

Dalat’s closest waterfall is where you can relax and swim in the cold refreshing water, but it is always packed with locals and tour groups. Visually there are many bigger and more impressive waterfalls in this province. Still, this place offers many attractions, including a roller-coaster, cable car, abseiling, rafting, and even cliff jumping, so you can swim in one of the levels as the fall cascades. You can go to the top by a cable car or reach higher levels by walking up the peaceful pathways. However, the area is not very clean due to the number of people visiting and their general attitude of leaving their trash behind. Additionally, there are some statues and other decorations that have completely ruined the natural vibe of the place.

However, if you are looking for a relaxing day outdoors and a little bit of adrenaline doing the activities, then give it a go. You could take a tour, or rent a motorbike, but since the falls are only 5 km from the city center some people use bicycles or even walk to get there. At the spot, there are restaurants and vendors selling everything you need and even stuff you don’t. The entrance is only 10 k VND plus reasonably priced additional attractions like cable car or zip-lining.

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