Bidoup Nui Ba National Park

The park is 50 km north of Dalat, and it was named after the two highest peaks of the Langbiang plateau. The Bidoup Nui Ba National Park was opened in 2004 and covers over 70 thousand hectares, 91% of which is forest. With the mountains Bidoup (2,287m) and Nui Ba (2,167m), it is one of Vietnam’s five largest national parks.

It is known for its beautiful scenery, specifically its waterfalls, and it is also famed for its distinctive fauna and flora, with unique some birds species. As one of four biological multiform centers of Vietnam, it is also home to various primates, black bears, and a vampire flying frog. Almost 2000 plant species can be found here, most of them classified as rare and 56 precious animals on top of that. The park is also dubbed the Kingdom of Vietnamese Orchid, with over 250 orchid species on display across the park.

DNP is part of the Langbiang Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO. It also houses a center of ecological tourism and environmental education, and there are plans to build labs and other facilities to help protect fragile species.

Main attractions include trekking, with the most popular hike to Thien Thai Waterfall, which is 3,5 kilometers long, climbing Lang Biang Peak, which is 9 km long, and an overnight camping trip to Bidoup mountain. Other points of interest include a zoo, zip-lining, visiting a treehouse, and of course the waterfalls. Community-based ecotourism is a top priority. The indigenous K’Ho people, comprising four ethnic groups who live in the mountains are involved in this tourism program.

You can join an organized motorbike tour from Dalat or Nha Trang, which is the most popular option, giving you the safety by going with a group, and a sense of adventure.

Other Attractions