Dambri Falls

The highest waterfall in Lam Dong Province is 130 km from Dalat, and the closest city to it is Bao Loc. It is a whole day trip if you set off from Dalat, but there are more attractions than just the waterfall there. The entire area is similar to what you can see in Dalat, rural roads with spectacular views, hills, and nature, tea, and coffee plantations for the last 20 kilometers before reaching the fall. The main attraction, the 70 meter tall waterfall, is surrounded by a massive tropical forest with giant trees, bushes, and cascades where you can rest, find privacy, and even take a dip in the stream further in the forest if you need to cool down.

The waterfall is a part of a theme park, with a restaurant, 5d cinema, arcade games, and an elevator built next to the waterfall that takes you down from the top. At the bottom, there is a pool where you can find great spots close to the stream or at the little bridge for a scenic photo. You can also hide at the back of the waterfall. The fall is vast, and the water falls with force, making you feel a refreshing breeze. There’s also a smaller fall further in the park and just strolling around in the lush forest is a great relaxation.

Some might say that all these man-made attractions ruined the natural beauty of the place. Although most of these attractions are not worth your time, there’s a wooden rollercoaster that you might enjoy. The thrill comes from the fact that you have to use a handbrake before sharp turns.

There is a local myth that says the main rock from which the water flows was made from the body of a woman that was left by her lover, who didn’t return from the forest, and the water is made of her tears flowing to this day. The entrance fee cost 50k or much more if you want to use theme park attractions, and the trip from Dalat is about 2 hours long. The place gets crowded by local youth chilling there during the weekends, so pick a weekday if you don’t want people to disturb your visit to this remarkable wonder of nature.

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