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We’re always looking to collaborate with brands that share the same vision and commitment to inspire better living and showcase all the things that make Vietnam awesome!

Vietnam is Awesome reaches a combined audience of approximately 171,400 English-speaking (either as a first or second language) consumers every day on our website, newsletter and social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) combined. Though mostly based in Vietnam, our audience comes from all over the world and are curious and interested in the latest happenings and events in Vietnam. They’re affluent, hard-to-reach and have a yearning and sense of belonging to this country. This is what makes our community so unique. If you want to engage with our community, whether they are living in the city or just visiting, then the best way is through Vietnam is Awesome!

Get to know our community better by checking out our Facebook Group or get to know us better on Facebook or Instagram

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Banner Advertising Opportunities

  • Billboard Ad (970 x 250 pixels). Positioned along the header of all pages.
  • Half-Page Ad (300 x 600 pixels). Positioned on the right side of all pages.
  • Newsletter Ad – Subscribers receive a regular e-newsletter. There are two banner opportunities to brand the footer of this newsletter email – (600 x 120 pixels) and (200 x 200 pixels)

Sponsored Content and Collaborations

If you have a particular requirement such as a need period, F&B promotion, new product launch, cooking class, app release or brand expansion – we can work with you to create content that reaches your target audience and achieves your commercial objectives.

This can include reader competitions, giveaways and sponsored posts on the website, social media and newsletter.

Networking - Partner With Us


  • VIA-Branded Events: Sponsors and gift partners for our VIA-branded community events
  • Co-Branded Events: We also work with brands to organise activities that engage our active online community of over 170,000 people. This can include the launch of a new product or an invite-only event.
  • Fully-Branded Events: In addition, we can also work with you to promote your experience and events to our online community.

Authenticity is key to us

As a community-driven business, authenticity is very important to us. Hence, as part of our advertising and ethics policy, we only work with brands that reflect our ethos and add value to our audience and ambassadors. With this, should we not agree with your brand beliefs or practices, we will politely decline collaborating.

Please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with our team to determine whether we are the ideal match for your needs.

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