Elephant Falls

Elephant falls are situated in a valley at the bottom of a picturesque mountain pass, with a huge rock that some say is similar to an elephant’s head, and hence the name of the falls. This waterfall is considered by many the most dramatic one because you can get very close to it from the bottom to see the power of nature and water crashing from the top.

After a 30 km trip southwest from Dalat, you reach the entrance. There are some vendors in the area, and you can also find a coffee shop on the side of the falls which serves great coffee from locally harvested beans. To get to the point with the best view, you must go down a steep and slippery path, so wearing flip-flops is not recommended. However, there is a handle to make it easier for you, and once down there, you can even go behind the falling water through a narrow cave, which is very exciting. Prepare to get wet, so take a raincoat and think about protecting your camera if you take one.

There are a few dry spots to take spectacular pictures from the top and other beautiful places further from the main drop. If you don’t have a motorbike, a local bus to Nam Ban will take you there from Dalat, and the trip takes 40 minutes.

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