Become An Ambassador

Promote Vietnam – Promote Your Talent – Be Rewarded

We’re looking for passionate storytellers, creators and artists to become our hand-selected community leaders and storytellers, inspiring everyone to live their best life in Vietnam. In return, you get to promote your art, your knowledge, and make new relationships with other content creators. How does this sound to you?

Exciting Opportunities And Benefits Await.


Establish yourself as a local leader, a content creator, or expert in your field and connect with businesses and adventurers in your local community.


Cultivate meaningful relationships with like-minded people and benefit from our wide network of ambassadors, teams and partners including some of Vietnam’s leading brands.


Have your work recognised by our community of 150,000+ people as well as our esteemed network of partners including Vietnam’s leading brands.


Get hands-on marketing, creative, community development and business development experiences while expanding your professional network.

Vouchers & Benefits

Enjoy complimentary vouchers, double Vietnam Is Awesome points and exclusive discounts from our network of Vietnam Is Awesome partners including hospitality, F&B, health and wellness. Get invited to Vietnam Is Awesome and partner events, workshops and networking sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Vietnam is Awesome Ambassador Program?

We hand select talented storytellers and change-seekers from all around the world who have a penchant for crafting eye-catching with engaging content that capture the awesome sights, scenes and stories of Vietnam. These people represent Vietnam is Awesome’s mission, ethos and most of all contribute to highlighting the best parts of the country one click, one idea, one story at a time.

What are the responsibilities of a Vietnam Is Awesome Ambassador?

Contribute at least once a month (articles, photos, videos, drawings, paintings or sculptures, Youtube content)

Ensure that your work is two things: Vietnam-related and positive in nature (to inspire and encourage better living and affinity)

We also host monthly catch-ups with our Ambassadors to exchange ideas, and discuss upcoming topics as well as opportunities.

What are the time commitments to being an Ambassador?

Realistically, each Ambassador should expect to commit an average of 5 to 10 hours per month on the role. This includes everything from brainstorming the topic, developing the content, publishing, and sharing the content on both Vietnam Is Awesome’s channels and yours.

What makes a great Ambassador?

It all starts with the why: Why do you love Vietnam and want to share your passion with the rest of the world? What is your motivation and do you have considerable knowledge about your field of interest?

We typically find the best Ambassadors and the ones that gain the most from the role are those who have a clear why.

Maybe you’re an aspiring creator and want a platform to showcase your work or maybe you’re a seasoned Vietnam resident that wants to share your knowledge, insight and discoveries with tourists, travellers, and other expats alike.

If you’re still uncertain on if an Ambassador role is right for you – feel free to share your why with us and we’ll let you know if it’s a good fit!

What are the benefits of becoming a Vietnam is Awesome Ambassador?

Showcasing your work on our platform is a quick way to gain exposure to your work. We also do Ambassador introductions and shoutouts to our community of almost 168,100 active members in our Facebook Group and highlight Ambassadors’ work by pinning it to the top (depends on the campaign).

Furthermore, being part of our Ambassador community exposes you to our local ecosystem of brand partners, Ambassadors, and teams to further grow your professional and personal network.

Last but not least, we pride ourselves in staying abreast of current trends as well as the ins-and-outs of what’s happening in Vietnam so that you can stay on top of the latest industry trends to improve your entrepreneurial and content skills. More than that, we organise regular **events and activities** that involve our Ambassadors and community and are always looking to increase partner benefits for our Ambassadors.

Last but not least, you will be added to our Ambassador Slack Channel where you will have direct access and discussions with our Vietnam Is Awesome team as well as other Ambassadors. You will also get free entry to all our Vietnam Is Awesome, partner and ambassador community events.

Excited To Work With Us?

We are excited too. In fact, our Ambassador Program Manager would love to have a chat to see how we can support each other, grow, and create a great community! If you’re not sure, don’t worry, we have a few ideas!