Khanh-Linh portrait

Khanh Linh Le

Local Expert
Viet Nam

Khanh Linh, a visionary with a multicultural heritage, embodies passion and innovation in the chocolate industry. Born to Vietnamese parents and raised in France, she returned to Vietnam and found her calling in chocolate after meeting Gricha Safarian, a pioneering figure in the local industry.

This encounter inspired her to create The Cocoa Project, an ambitious endeavor aiming to cultivate a culture of chocolate appreciation among Vietnamese people.

Linh envisioned a chocolate museum celebrating Vietnam’s farmers and sustainable cacao beans. The project evolved into a creative hub where patrons can savor the rich flavors of chocolate while exploring its art and science. With an open kitchen bar and mini factory, visitors witness firsthand the chocolate-making magic that Linh brought to life.

Sustainability is at the heart of The Cocoa Project. It celebrates creativity, environmental respect, and local pride while offering delectable chocolates that inspire. Khanh Linh’s dedication to promoting sustainable practices extends beyond her project; as a contributor to the Sustainable Cacao Institute, she champions ethical sourcing and farmer empowerment.