Van Son Temple

It’s not the most famous pagoda. It isn’t likely to be on the top of anyone’s list of places to visit in Con Dao. There are many like this temple across Vietnam. However, it is in such a beautiful area of the world. The views at the top of the hill are incredible. After seeing a lot of beaches and monuments dedicated to wartime, this is a refreshing change and a nice little afternoon stop.

It is in the middle of a coastal road, a bit of a trek from town. Once at the gate, visitors need to walk up the hill to the temple. Unfortunately, there are no facilities for disabled people. Once here there is a white statue of the Deity Quan Am. You see an intricately simple style framed pagoda with wonderfully shaped wooden pillars at the front. The interior is wooden with shrines dedicated to various deities. 

The temple isn’t far from town. You can get here by motorbike or taxi in around five minutes from Con Son Town. Walking here takes about 20-30 minutes. The coastal road leading you there has some incredible views. It is worth a few tops for some pictures. Watch out for the monkeys who might take your camera, but most likely your snacks. Once on top of the hill, the photo with the heaven gate overlooking the sea captures an incredible moment. 

Van Son Pagoda has free admission. Opening hours can vary. 

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