Bay Canh Island

The early morning or evening is the best time to see this charming little island. People take a tour to the island. They stop off. The landscape is admired, a stroll on the beach and then the main attraction; spotting turtles on the beach. This is an activity unique to this island. 

Bay Canh is home to the largest turtle population in Con Dao. Every day, turtles lay their eggs on the same part of the beach. It is a rare place to see such an incredible part of the turtle kingdom practising such intricate rituals. Breeding season is the time to see this event, where you can up to 30 mother turtles on the beach at any one time. 

Of course, this isn’t the only attraction about this secluded part of the Con Dao archipelago. Over 800 kinds of fauna grow here and create a backdrop for some marvellous scenery. There’s a beautiful trail to follow for a mountain trek to see the French Lighthouse. A diverse range of plantation merges into the ancient forest areas around. Banh Cay is the 2nd biggest island in Con Dao. It comes packed with different terrain to explore. 

A great variety of marine life has been discovered around Bay Canh. Along with turtles, opportunities arise to spot dolphins and over 100 sea creatures around the island. Snorkelling is available to spot the wonderful variety of coral in addition to seeing the rare animals who inhabit these parts. It is quite a place to explore. 

Boats leave from the main Con Dao Port every day. There’s no accommodation on the island. Be sure to book a boat or guide for the turtle spotting, as experts know the best places to see.

Other Attractions