Hang Duong Cemetery

A lot of prisoners were here for different reasons. Looking for a new Vietnam was one of them. These people threatened the French. No croissants or baguettes or any spring rolls were openly shared between these parties. The French imprisoned them. Some died here. After the French left, a memorial was created to pay homage to these fighters. 

White pillars mark the area along with a gate facing in the direction of heaven. There are around 2000 tombs or places remembering the deceased here. Over 20,000 inmates died in prisons around Con Dao. Only a few hundred have the names on tombs. Others were unnamed martyrs. The area is organised into zones, A, B, C and D. In 2005, the Cemetery was officially inaugurated as an official public area. 

Hang Duong is regarded as an official national monument. The area is visited throughout the day and night. People come with incense sticks to remember the martyred here. One, Ms Vo Thi Sau, has real significance in this cemetery. A communist woman fighting for freedom, she was caught and executed in 1952. This tomb is open to all the public. Even today, you’ll see war veterans, families of prisoners and members of government come here to pay respects. This is an icon of the ultimate sacrifice. 

Hang Duong Cemetery is open from 07:00-22:00 every day of the week. Certain holidays are observed, opening hours might differ. 

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