Dam Trau Beach

People who come to this incredibly beautiful beach must be awestruck. The campus of sand is golden. The sea is a pallet mix of crisp blue and clean jade. It is surrounded by the most amazing array of jungle fauna which paints the hills. It is a visual work of art. If you find yourself isolated here, you’d think you’ve arrived at the film set of the Blue Lagoon.

It’s a short ride from the main town. 15km to be more precise. It’s a beautiful ride to the beach. Most rent a motorbike to there, but taxis are available. There’s a stunning coastal road to move along. Take some pictures. The views are a complimentary extra to such a wonderful coastal crescent. 

Romance is the soul that makes this beach. This is the beach of passion with no fell in love. In a moment of passion, Cau told his after he was to be married. Unrequited love must suffice was the response of the father, who told his Son Cau that he had a daughter named Trau. Cau moved to a remote island and wept. Trau committed suicide on the beach, and the name was given. 

Dam Trau Beach is isolated. A sand road finally guides you to the beach. Some park their bike close to a nearby village and walk down. There are a few shops and restaurants a short walk away from the beach. Conveniences are available. This is the time to escape from the real world. Come during the dry season, from November to April. 

Dam Trau Beach is around 15km from Con Dao Town. It is around 1km from the airport. To get here, you need a motorbike or taxi. 

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