Dat Doc Beach

It’s only a small beach. It’s closer to town than Dam Trau. It’s around 6km from the main town. The pure white sand separates the turquoise ocean and lush jungle-clad hillsides. The beach is a bit isolated. No pollution, though not much going on. Not so many tourists visit this beach. The best time is dry season, from November to April. It’s a nice place to rest, reflect and perhaps indulge yourself with a few luxuries.

The Six Senses Hotel lies on this beach. Half of the beach is private, for hotel guests only. You can use the hotel beach if you rent a sun lounger. Drinks and snacks are available at the Six Senses Hotel. Bear in mind this is a luxury hotel. Be sure to bring enough money for any luxuries you wish to indulge yourself in. On the left of the hotel, there is a footpath to the public beach. This is where you’ll find locals and other travellers exploring the island. 

Dat Doc Beach is around 6km from the main town. Get a bike or taxi here. Bring suncream, water and snacks and clothes/towel. The only place to buy items is the Six Senses Hotel.

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