Tre Lon Island

This is the Bamboo Islet. It is about an hour from the Dam Pier. Most boats operate as tour guides here. Not everyone can visit this place freely. This is also known as Coral Island. It is the place to explore untouched coral. There is so much underwater life to explore here. The coral on the seabed attracts a wide variety of sea life. Tre Lon is a captivating and exotic island. It is a tiny, less than 1km in circumference. 

This place can set you back in time. You’d imagine a period where sharks ruled the waves, pirates pillaged for a living and fishermen would still be using old techniques to get their daily catch. The island is painted with beautiful green fauna and exotic plants not seen in many places. There’s a turquoise stretch of water that is great for a paddle or swim. Boats anchor offshore for snorkelling trips. This is a vision of the future for Vietnam. Sustainable tourism. Limited numbers. Amazing experiences. 

Tre Lon Island can be accessed via boat tours via Dam Pier. Individually, they need to ride a canoe from Ong Dung Beach. Check the weather and tides before departure. Strong waves can disrupt or cancel any planned trips. 

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