Loi Voi Beach

This is a lovely beach located Northwest of Con Son Town’s main beach. The water is crystal-clear blue. The sand is a soft pure white colour and texture. Casuarina trees enclose parts of the beach. This is an intriguing place to walk. There are shipwrecks and rusted broken canoes to be found across the coast. Marco Polo mentioned he stopped somewhere around these parts in his memoirs. The description suits this place.

Though, there is a dark side. This is Con Dao. A memorial and monument pay respect to the remains of revolutionary prisoners whose remains were thrown onto the coast around this area. The war museum lurks just behind the beach. Loi Voi is an attraction of natural beauty scarred by the ugliness of human nature. Knowledge about history can be sought if desired. Or, as some may say, ignorance is bliss. Enjoy the crisp blue waters and incredible white sands. 

Lo Voi Beach is located Northwest of Con Son Town’s main beach promenade. 

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