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Things to do in

Halong Bay

Explore the best things to do in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay, starting with its must-do scenic cruises. Beyond sailing, immerse yourself in a range of activities across historical, natural, leisure, and adventure categories for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Historical & Cultural Insights

Cannon Fort - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Visit Historical Sites

Explore historical sites like Cannon Fort and learn about the cultural and historical heritage of the region, including exhibits on Halong Bay at Quang Ninh Museum.

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best time to travel to north vietnam6 - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Explore Yen Tu Mountain

 Visit this historical site known for its Buddhist temples and stunning natural scenery.

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cho dem ha long 1 1 - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Explore Local Markets

Experience the vibrant culture of Halong Bay at local markets in places like Cat Ba Island, where you can interact with locals and sample fresh seafood.

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cho ha long tap nap - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Visit Floating Villages

Explore the floating villages like Cua Van and Vung Vieng to learn about the traditional lifestyle of locals living on the water. This experience is part of various Halong Bay day cruises.

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Nature Lovers

Cat Ba National Park 1 - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Visit Cat Ba Island

Explore Cat Ba island, known for its rugged limestone hills, dense jungle, and diverse wildlife.

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Lan Ha Bay - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Explore Surrounding Bays

Experience the quieter and equally stunning neighbors of Halong Bay: Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

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titop island halong bay - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Ti Top Island

Enjoy panoramic views from the Ti Top island’s viewpoint or relax on its beautiful beach, known for its clear waters and serene setting.

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Sung Sot Cave - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Visit Sung Sot Cave

Discover the ‘Surprise Cave‘ with its impressive stalactites and stalagmites, showcasing the bay’s natural wonders.

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halong bay floating village - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Cruise around the Bay

Take a UNESCO World Heritage cruise to see the magnificent limestone karsts and islets of Halong Bay. Book your Halong Bay day cruise with Vietnam Is Awesome or discover the best overnight luxury cruises.

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Leisure & Lifestyle

jdt 2020 Q2vNeD5Qae8 unsplash - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Beach Relaxation

Spend time on pristine beaches like those on Ti Top Island for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the natural beauty.

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Tai Chi exercise in Halong bay 1 - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Try Tai Chi

Participate in morning Tai Chi classes on the deck, connecting with the peaceful atmosphere of Halong Bay.

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halong bay cruise itinerary 9 - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Unwind at the Spa

Indulge in relaxing spa and massage treatments available on many luxury cruises, enhancing your experience with stunning views.

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kevin jiner XUzFK6jc2M8 unsplash 1 - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Admire Sunsets

Witness the breathtaking sunsets over the bay, offering a tranquil and picturesque end to your day on overnight Cruises.

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Active & Creative Activities

squid fishing - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Night Squid Fishing

Join a local fishing boat for a unique night-time adventure, experiencing traditional squid fishing techniques.

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cat ba island 1 - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Cycling on Cat Ba Island

Adventure through Cat Ba’s diverse landscape, from rugged limestone mountains to lush jungles and tranquil beaches.

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Snorkel At Lan Ha Bay - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Explore the underwater world of Halong Bay, rich in marine life and colorful coral, perfect for both beginners and experienced divers.

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Kayaking in Halong 1 1 - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Kayaking in Luon Cave

Paddle through the calm waters surrounded by limestone cliffs, offering an up-close view of the bay’s unique geology.

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halongbay vn 08 5ba48ba24cedfd0025d3c717 - Things To Do In Halong Bay

Go Hiking

Halong Bay has beautiful hiking routes. Discover the Top 3 hiking routes.

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FAQs: Things to do in Halong Bay

What are the best Day Trips to Halong Bay?

Halong Daily Cruise: Discover Halong Bay in 8 Hours and Enjoy a Buffet Lunch in Luxury.
Luxury Lan Ha Bay Cruise: 8-hour day trip exploring Halong Bay’s Neighbour with Limousine Transfer & Buffet Lunch.
Halong Bay Cruise: Pressed for time? This is the best 5-hour/1-day package with transfers and a set menu lunch.

Are there things to do in Halong Bay other than cruise?

Absolutely! You can kayak through sea caves, relax on Tuan Chau Island, or delve into local history at the Quang Ninh Museum.

Are there any things to do in Halong Bay at night?

Curious about Halong Bay’s nightlife? Enjoy the vibrant evening scene at Cat Ba Island, famous for its Bia Hoi stalls and lively atmosphere. As well as enjoy various local restaurants in Halong Bay.

Can you recommend things to do in Halong Bay City?

Looking for recommendations in Halong Bay City? Visit Sun World Halong Park and Quang Ninh Museum for cultural and entertainment experiences. Explore more at Halong Bay Attractions.

What are some fun things to do in Halong Bay?

Searching for fun activities in Halong Bay? Explore Halong Bay’s exciting caves, visit Cat Ba Island, or cruise in this UNESCO heritage site.

What else can you do in North Vietnam after traveling to Halong Bay?

Discover the rest of Northern Vietnam.