Tuan Chau Island

This is a purpose-built resort island. Everything you need for a sunny vacation lies in this place. You won’t go without creature comforts, sun loungers or a lack of restaurants in Tuan Chai Island. There are several places to stay to suit a variety of budgets. Visitors from a variety of backgrounds come to Tuan Chau. It possesses everything needed for anyone’s summer holiday. 

Tuan Chau has a fair bit of history connected to power. The name comes from the Vietnamese word ‘patrolman’. The army and guardsmen were stationed there during feudal times as part of a defence strategy. President Ho Chi Minh used this place as a vacation for himself and other political leaders back in the 1950s. The island was cut off from the mainland until just over 20 years ago. Modernisation came after the construction of the highway connecting Tuan Chau with the mainland. Tourism followed the highway. 

Although it caters to mass tourism, the island still retains some beautiful places of natural scenery. The island has a choice of treks for hill climbing. Camping is a popular activity here. Tuan Chau has two beaches. They are clean white sand and crystal-clear waters. Visitors can do a variety of activities here. There are restaurants, cafes and bars open across the island for those who want to do little but sit in the sunshine. 

Live performances take place daily, such as the circus, a sea life show and martial arts performance. It is an island that can be made into a base for those touring Halong Bay and the surrounding area. Various cruise liner tours depart from Tuan Chau. Pelican Cruise and Rosa Cruise are two examples, though there are more. 

Tuan Chau is around 4 hours from Hanoi. Buses depart from My Dinh Station. Taxi and motorbikes will take you to Tuan Chau from Halong City Centre. Some prefer to arrange a private car or minibus, depending on the numbers in your group. Prices vary.

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