Titop Island

When Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov paid a visited the Socialist Republic of Northern Vietnam in 1962, he would never have believed such a homage would be paid to him. As he travelled around Ha Long Bay, he fell in love with one island. 

He told his travel buddy about it. His travel companion said he knew a few people and they could name the island after the cosmonaut. It could be called Titop Island. Gherman Titov was delighted. The island was given a new name, Titov Island. His travel buddy was the President Ho Chi Minh.

The moon crescent shape of a hill creates a unique feel to this island. This resemblance to the moon had likely not gone unnoticed by Mr Titov. Full of lush green shrubs, the greenery brings out the shape of the hill. It’s around 110m high and takes about 450 steps to reach the peak. At the top, you’ll see some views of the untouched parts of Halong Bay. There are no other secluded islands around the area which offer this benefit. 

The white sand beaches are the ideal place for sunbathing. There are various cruises which stop off at the island just for this purpose. Who wouldn’t want to sunbathe on one of the most famous islets in Halong Bay? There are a few activities available on the island. Swimming and snorkelling are possible as well as equipment for beach games. There is a bar on the island. You can rent deckchairs to sit on the beach or other equipment to enjoy activities around Titop Island. 

Drinks are available to enjoy. Getting a cocktail and enjoying the view of the bay from the beach is one of the main attractions of the island. There are possibilities to enjoy the island during sunset. A moonlit walk across the beach is available during the hot, humid summer months. Titop Island is more notorious for luxury and pleasure rather than exploration. Though, is it these experiences as that is what makes the tour around Halong Bay so refreshing. 

Various cruise ships will stop off at Titop Island for 1-2 hours during various 1-3-day cruises. Bhaya Cruises and Indochina Sails are two cruises. Please enquire with tour operators about stops to this island.

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