Lan Ha Bay

This is a peaceful bay. Cruises who come to this area like to stop off at quiet spots during the day. The scenery is amazing and there are must-see spots across the bay. There are a variety of photo stops throughout Lan Ha Bay. It is Halong Bay without mass tourism. There aren’t the same number of boat shops, parties and entertainment boats sailing around this area. 

Lan Ha Bay is the smallest Bay in the area. Though, there are more than 300 islets in Lan Ha Bay. Cat Ba is the largest island and is the place people stop at while touring Lan Ha Bay. Islets around the bay have several white sand beaches and the surroundings are generally untouched. There are 139 beaches to explore. The tour will take you through a diverse array of sea life. Lots of species of fish, mollusc and other sea animals are found in this area. There are also dolphins to be found swimming in these parts. 

Places to see in Lan Ha Bay are the main island, Cat Ba, and its national park. Viet Hai Village can also be visited on this island. The Cai Beo floating village is in the Bay, a place to learn about the traditional cultures around this area. The tours recommend kayaking or taking an old rowing boat around some caves and grottos in Lan Ha Bay. The cruise ships are too big to explore the intricate parts. Da Chong Islet is one of the places to see.

Cruises which tour around this area tend to suit those who want a quiet and peaceful journey. Newly-Wed Couples and retirees frequent the area. Visitors tend to come from Cat Ba Island or Haiphong. There are airports at both destinations plus tour guides available to help visitors book a sail around Lan Ha Bay. These are the closest ports to explore the bay. 

Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay are intertwined to a certain extent. A lot of tours will pass through both parts of the sea. People who want a serene and quiet experience during the evening should consider which cruises anchor around Lan Ha Bay. This is the place that is most suited to those who want morning meditation or Tai Chi, and those who would rather spend evenings quietly looking at the stars rather than partying on a boat. 

A variety of tours depart to Lan Ha from Haiphong City or Cat Ba Island. Tours can also depart from Hanoi. Be sure to bring your passport as you need to check in when you take a tour from any of these places.

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