Xeo Quyt Forest

Xeo Quyt is a beautiful lush forest and a historical site with bunkers used by Vietcong generals during the War. In the middle of the vast forest covered by tall Melaleuca trees, there are peaceful canals that can be explored by canoe. The tour costs only 15 thousand VND and is a short 20-minute ride. It is a magical place with lush greenery, wild grass and abundant fauna and flora.

You can also walk 1.5 kilometer along the ruins and even get inside some of the bunkers. There is a whole underground house, including a kitchen, meeting room, sheds, and bomb craters. The American base was just 2 kilometers from this place, but because of the smart system of underground corridors, the US army had no idea about the hideout.

The forest is located around 35 kilometers southeast of Cao Lanh, and your easiest and cheapest option is to get there by a rented motorbike. Public transportation is limited to motorbike and car taxis.

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