Cavern Pagoda

Phuoc Dien Tu is the official name of this pagoda. It was built on the side of Sam Mountain and has spectacular views over the rural areas with rice fields. The buildings are in a typical Asian style with sculptures, pillars and trimmed trees. On the top, there is a main sanctuary with statues of Buddha, caverns and grottoes, and a mirror room. Below, there are two hexagonal tombs, one for the pagoda founder and the other one for the head monk.

In the mid-19th century, this place was just a house made of bamboo that served as a sewing workshop for Le Thi Tho. The legend says that the founder, a female Le Thi Tho, moved here to live in peace and meditate.

In 1980, the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture and Information decided to recognize Hang Pagoda as a National Historic Site of Vietnam. You can visit the Cavern Pagoda by yourself or take a tour from Chau Doc.

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