Sapa Church

Sapa Church is over one hundred years old. It was built in 1902. Visitors to Sapa expect to see ethnic groups. They think they’ll see some Buddhist Temples or some Confucianism or Daoist Temples. They don’t expect to see a church. What a lovely church is as well.

Set just in front of the Ham Rong Mountain Range, this church sits right in front of a postcard picture. The structure is of sand, stone, molasses and has been restored and repaired regularly until the present day. The notorious 500kg bell is the oldest treasure which remains at the bell tower. The stainless glass windows depict the life of Jesus Christ. The interior shows wooden furnished seating under a white archway pointing towards Jesus who is at the altar. Inside, you could feel like you were back in the Western world.

The church grounds have the angel house, parish house and the holy garden. All offer various opportunities to practice and preach Christianity. Sapa Church unites a lot of the ethnic tribes in the area. The garden area is known for the love market that takes place on Saturday evenings. This is where people find a partner. Residents from different villages meet sometimes in the courtyard to play local games like Con Ball Throwing and compete in other activities such as archery. You’re welcome to join in. 

Locals come to the Church Square on Saturday evening from all around the area. The love market was the name given to this event by locals. This is because the younger people in the ethnic groups would come here to find a partner. It would be a place to meet. It is around the same area as the Sapa Market. You can still see some people meeting and parents looking for suitable partners for their children. It isn’t as busy nowadays. This tradition has changed somewhat.

Sapa Church is open every day. Mass takes place at 09:00 on weekdays and weekends. Additional mass takes place at 19:00 on Sunday.



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