Silver Waterfall

Thac Bac Waterfall is high in the hills. At 1800m, it is at the foot of the Tram Ton Pass. At around 12km from Sapa, it is visible from Ham Rong Mountain peak. The waterfall is surrounded by a stunning array of rugged limestone and a tremendous range of fauna. It’s about 200m in height. The water can flow fast down these falls. This flows creates a silver-like gleam in the water. It looks silver from a distance. This is how it got the name.

There are steps to the top of the fall. A small bridge overlooks the Thac Bac. The waterfall is encompassed by a variety of natural foliage such as grassland, flowers, and trees. It’s an impressive sight. Quite a few riders stop off here on the way towards the O Quy Ho Pass. It is a nice tranquil stop. You can move away from any hustle and bustle while in this area.

The salmon breeding centre is at the foot of the waterfall. Various BBQ areas are placed around the forest and grassland area. Baked eggs are a speciality here. A smaller area holds the love waterfall. This is a very quiet spot for those who want to escape life in general. People recommend you come here by motorbike. Bring some waterproofs. Don’t forget your camera.

The Thac Bac Waterfall is open all year round. Ticket prices are around $1-1.5. It is recommended to see this area between February to June when the greenery is in full bloom.



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