It’s a tough hike. It’s extremely strenuous and can take 2-3 days. It used to take up to six days if you were trekking from Sapa. You can tour independently. Those fit enough can do it ina day. Some need to if they are time-poor. Most tour with a group. An experienced tour guide will do a two- or three-day round trip. Make sure you plan a trip to go on a clear day. The views are magnificent. The locals recommend visiting between March and May, to get the best views.

Fansipan is at the heart of Hoang Lien National Park. Awe-inspiring scenery fills the area. The foot of the mountain range is as beautiful as the view from the top. At over 3000m, it isn’t a small mountain. It’s quite an effort to get to the peak. It can rain at any time, due to the varying degrees of altitude. It can get slippery and some parts are steep. Any experienced hiker might part of this route challenging in places.

Any hikers should bring good shoes, waterproofs and a bag. You’ll need food, snacks and water plus a basic first aid kit. Items can be bought and prepared at Sapa Town. There’s a village halfway up the mountain. Guesthouses are available for an overnight stop. A camping site is available for use at 2800m.After an extensive hike, you’ll know you’re at the summit when you see the metal pyramid.

Recent developments have changed ways visitors can access Fansipan mountain. One of the world’s longest non-stop cable cars can take visitors to the summit. It departs from Muong HoaValley Station and takes around 20 minutes. A climbing train also transports passengers to the summit area. Most locals will recommend you go to the summit. It is one of the biggest highlights in the area. This mountain is the tallest in all South-East Asia. That’s why it is called the Rooftop of Indochina.

Fansipan Mountain can be accessed by booking a hiking tour or taking a cable car or train. Hiking tours have varying prices. Cable car ticket prices are 750,000 VND for adults, 550,000 VND for children under 1.4m tall. A train departs from Sapa Town from the Hotel de la Couple – McGallery by Sofitel. Tickets around 100,000 VND each way. There are combo tickets with train and buffet lunch available, starting at 170,000 VND.

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