O Quy Ho Pass

This is one of the highest mountains passes in Vietnam. At nearly 2000m, it is high. Riding on the roads can leave you short of breath. The road circles Mount Fansipan. You’ll see all the fantastic views Fansipan can see, from different viewpoints. The road twists and turns on the Tran Ton Pass. Be sure to takecare when travelling here.

The scenery absorbs the road. It is a place to make stops every few minutes rather every hour. As the road winds around to the higher levels, you’ll see different vantage points. These areas are stops to have a rest or take photos. A lot of visitors stop on the way at Thac Ba Waterfall for a walk around in nature. It’s worth a stroll around and an opportunity to take in some fresh air. The picturesque scenery encompassing Tran Ton Pass presents a vast landscape. There’s forest, fauna limestone rocks and hills alike all around.

This road is a major challenge to every person transporting through, not just tourists on motorbikes. There is a silky winding road which travels through the mountain pass. The road is positioned between two distinct features. On one side are rugged cliff-faced mountainsides. On that side, you can see the sky. The other side is a sharp drop into the valleys. The road leads to the sky, hence the name Heaven’s Gate.

You’ll encounter two different climates on the Tram Ton Pass. At the Sapa side, you’ll likely encounter mist and a bit of rain. It can also be a bit chilly. Bring some waterproofs. The peak is on the Lai Chau side. This can have some of the hottest weather in Vietnam. The climatic zones mix due to the winding road which travels around the radius of Fansipan Mountain. The topography at the peak is magnificent on a clear day. Bring water. Take pictures. Stay safe.

There are motorbike rentals available for rent in Sapa Town. Daily rental ranges from $8 upwards, depending on the motorbike.

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