Hang Nga Crazy House

Hang Nga guesthouse, also known as the “Crazy House”, is an unusual, expressionist, and surrealistic building that looks like a big banyan tree with additional elements like spider webs, mushrooms, or even animals. The building was designed and constructed by Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga who took inspiration from Antoni Gaudi’s Catalan in Barcelona and the natural beauty of Dalat’s environment. Often described as a “fairy tale house,” this five-level structure is now a guesthouse, with rooms creatively presenting animal themes and symbolism linked to different nationalities, with weird, handcrafted furniture and a view of the city from the top. Wandering around feels like walking in a cave and through tunnels. If you don’t plan to stay there for the night, you can take a tour for 60k VND.

For years local authorities have opposed this project. Eventually, the house was completed in 1990. Since then, the building has been mentioned in many articles and newspapers, describing the attraction as anything from “bizarre” to “an evolving piece of pop art,” but you should make your own opinion if you have some time to spare in Da Lat.

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