Things To Do In Quy Nhon

Top 6 Things To Do In Quy Nhon

Explore ancient Cham towers and temples

The Cham ethnic people arrived in Southeast Asia around 4000 years ago and built a civilization that spread across the south of Vietnam, then known as Champa. In the last few hundred years, as Vietnam formed, the Cham people integrated or left the region, leaving behind incredible artifacts of their rich culture.

Their religion, a mix of folklore, Islam, and Hinduism, was further influenced by Chinese and Vietnamese conquerors.

long khanh pagoda
Visit Long Khanh Pagoda

One of the biggest Buddhist temples in the region, the Long Khanh Pagoda is a celebrated place of worship that was first built in the 18th century. With extensive preservation efforts, it is still in full commission and plays a major role in the worship and continuation of Buddhist traditions.

The pagoda features architecture that follows typical Chinese style, with sloped roofs and highly ornamental features. Like with most Buddhist temples, visitors are welcome to come and experience firsthand the practices and customs of the Buddhist faith.

Visit Binh Dinh Museum

Located in the center of Quy Nhon, near Quy Nhon beach, is the Binh Dinh Museum. The exhibition showcases a collection of over 10,000 artifacts from post-stone age relics to examples of art now protected by UNESCO.

One particular highlight of the museum is the displays of preserved costumes, conical hats, and pottery that the region was once famous for. In addition, the museum is fortified with traditional weapons that were imported by the Chinese such as spears and crossbows.

Visit Thi Nai Bridge

The epic bridge of Thi Nai is the longest sea bridge in Vietnam measuring over 2 km long. It is the infrastructure responsible for the economic growth and tourism on the Phuong Mai Peninsula. Just a short drive on this bridge puts you in the middle of the ocean with stunning views of turquoise waters and distant mountains.

The bridge leads to the peninsula where sand dunes line the highway providing a deep visual contrast to the nearby lagoon. Picture perfect!

Nhon Ly commune and fishing village

On the Phuong Mai Peninsula, past the sand dunes, and around 20 km from Quy Nhon is the Nhon Ly fishing village and commune. Here, visitors can walk around the town and enjoy the simple but vibrant displays of local life.

For those wanting more action, many Nhon Ly tour operators offer excursions by fishing boat to nearby beaches and other attractions including the famous Ky Co beach.

Eo Gio

Located on the eastern side of the Nhon Ly commune, Eo Gio is the local name for a mountain outcrop that serves as an incredible viewpoint to the surrounding landscape. Visitors are met with a boardwalk that wraps around the mountainside and a short, though steep, trekking route to various vantage points. Many wild cacti, native to Quy Nhon, can be seen poking out of the rocks.

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