Queen’s Beach

It was Emperor Bao Dai’s wife who made this place famous. The Nguyen Dynasty converted this beach from an old fishing area to a place of regal beauty. This was the place to vacate during summer for the Emperor and his Court. The Emperor’s wife was often seen vacating to this spot. Hence the name, Queen’s Beach. Her name was Queen Nam Phuong. 

Now one of the most prominent beaches in Quy Nhon, based on the Queen’s Beach. Visits are made here daily. It is a shiny pebble beach. Locals now call it the stone eggs beach. It is known for some of the most spectacular coastal views across Quy Nhon. People sometimes hike across the pebbled coast or make stops on a motorbike. Cafes are available for a photo stop.

A tomb and memorial for a famous writer, Han Mac Tu, is present on the route. This is the poet who created and recited some thought provoking and extremely emotional poetry, while suffering from leprosy. There is a leprosy hospital which was built by French Missionaries who looked after Han Mac Tu. There is a park in the grounds. Statues of prominent Vietnamese people are displayed in the park of many heads.

The Queen’s Beach is about 2km from the main Quy Nhon Beach. It is accessible by road and can be visited at any time. Be careful walking on the beach at night and don’t try to swim in the area. It is very rocky. 

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