Vijaya Citadel

Vijaya was the Champa Capital for 300 years. Most was destroyed due by the Nguyen Dynasty in the 15th century. The General commissioned the building of a new town in the vision akin to Imperial China. Old Taoist Gateways and little thatched stone-walled buildings are present through the site.

Consider archaeology and geomancy, then see the significance of the grounds where this is built. This is how civilisation is conquered. There are parts of Cham life being excavated as this is written. Remaining walls, some old wells and animal sculptures have been found. The digging continues to happen. There is more to this old capital than what was once believed.

There is a charming village close by. There are two stone elephants which remain. Knowing who build them and the difference between each kingdom becomes inconsequential here. Yet, this place was a citadel. It was a defensive fort for some important people. A civilisation, once dead and buried, is again rising from the ground. 

The Vijaya Citadel is located at Nhơn Hậu, An Nhơn, Binh Dinh Province.

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