Quy Nhon

Halfway between Hoi An and Nha Trang in Central Vietnam, Quy Nhon is a pleasant city with a spectacular beachfront, a grand, leafy boulevard and a low-key vibe. Nestled in a turquoise bay and ringed on three sides by scenic green hills, Quy Nhon makes for a fantastic choice as a quiet beach holiday destination.

Unlike Nha Trang, Quy Nhon continues to fly under the tourist radar and offers an authentic, hassle-free experience to anyone who visits. Thanks to the town’s economic reliance on fishing, there is little heavy industry or traffic in Quy Nhon and the air is clean even on hotter days. Another benefit of the off-coast fisheries is, you’re guessing it right – delectable seafood, served in oceanfront restaurants filled with friendly locals.

Other points of interest in the area include age-old Cham temples and a number of pretty beaches stretching along the coastline outside of Quy Nhon – including the Ky Co beach, known affectionately as “the Maldives of Vietnam”, or the picturesque cove beach at Bai Xep.


Vijaya Citadel

This is one of the most important places of the Champa Dynasty and one where you see its glory and destruction.

Thap Doi Cham Towers

A set of charming twin structures located close to a tranquil village within peaceful surroundings.

Ong Nui Temple

This is the oldest temple in the area, built by An Emperor and its spirit shaped by a Master of Zen.

Banh It Cham Temple

The towers which show a change in Cham style architecture and show one of the incredible panoramic views of the Quy Nhon countryside.

Queen's Beach

Come and see the choice holiday spot for the Emperor and Court during the famous dynasties.

Ky Co beach

It’s a trek and a half to get here, but worthwhile, to find Quy Nhon’s little piece of paradise.

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