The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced it will recognize vaccine passports or certificates from a list of 72 countries and territories, including the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, China and Singapore. 

This will reduce the original 15-day quarantine to 8 days for fully-vaccinated travellers from the list of 72 countries under Vietnam’s Ministry of Health Quarantine guidelines. This follows a press conference held on the 21st of October and a strategy shift from a ‘Zero Covid-19’ policy to ‘Safe, flexible and effective control’ one instead.

The countries and territories include Poland, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Republic of Korea (RoK), Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Oman, Thailand, Romania, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Germany, Russia, the UK, Austria, San Marino, Laos, Singapore, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, the US, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Norway, Sweden, Israel, France, Turkey, Azerbaijan, India, Switzerland, China, Pakistan, Ireland, Greece, Kuwait, Colombia, the Netherlands, Australia, Finland, Taiwan (China), Hungary, Belarus, Cambodia, Algeria, Canada, Indonesia, Nepal, Mexico, Bolivia, Croatia, Portugal, Turkmenistan, Palestine, Qatar, Libya, Egypt, Timor Leste, Ukraine, the Philippines, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Argentina, Jordan, and Brunei.

‘The ministry is currently discussing with 80 other countries to add to the list as well as to recognise Vietnam’s vaccine passport’ said Hang, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vietnam. 

In September, Quang Ninh’s Van Don Airport saw several flights carrying fully vaccinated Vietnamese citizens returning from the US, France and Japan. All passengers were fully vaccinated, in good health and produced negative Covid-19 tests within 72 hours of their arrival in Vietnam. This served as a trial basis for the re-opening of international borders to more fully vaccinated travellers from abroad. 

Passengers return from the US with "vaccine passport" @
Passengers return from the US with "vaccine passport" @

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