Thom Beach

Thom beach is in the north of the island, 35 kilometers from Duong Dong town, and you can get there by motorbike on a beautiful paved road.

At first glance, the beach looks less attractive than some other beaches on the island, but this one has its charm due to the many cool things you can do there. Snorkeling is possible here and you can walk to a small Mot Island nearby during the low tide. You can also rent a boat and fish from it, and if you catch anything the local restaurant will cook it for you. Even if you don’t, treating yourself to some fresh seafood in these local restaurants is a good idea.

The area around Thom Beach is diverse and many animals have been spotted there. There are silver langurs, macaques, wild boars, flying squirrels and even deer. There are also cashew nut plantations in the area. Beware of mosquitoes.

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