Nha Trang Beach

There are two prominent beaches in Nha Trang. Each stretch of coastline has unique features. This provides various benefits and reasons to visit each one. 

Tran Phu Beach

This is the main promenade beach in Nha Trang. It is easily accessed by anyone residing in the city centre. It is adjacent to the notorious Tran Phu Street. Restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and other attractions are in abundance here. You can hop on and off the beach at any time to get a drink, go shopping, have some lunch or even visit a local museum. 

It is such a convenient beach and one very suited to party-goers or those who want to be close to the city. Sun loungers and deck chairs are available for hire. There are a variety of water activities taking place. Families also love this place as it’s close to conveniences. It isn’t quiet. Don’t get too distracted while swimming in the sea. 

Hon Chong Beach

This is a much more serene beach just north of Tran Phu Beach. It is a secluded area in comparison to the main beach. It has a nice, quiet atmosphere which suits those who just want to relax for the day on a coastline. It holds sophistication with its range of cafes and seafood restaurants located close by.

For a couple of US Dollars, you can walk along the rocks next to the beach. It is a nice bit of exploration. You’ll eventually come across some islets that are accessible. These are Hon Do (Red Island) and Hon Rua (Tortoise Island). This beach suits the more intrepid traveller. 

There are a few more beaches around Nha Trang to suit different tastes. These are Bai Tru, Bai Dai and Nhu Tuen Beach. They’re a bit far out, some as far as 50km, but have been highly recommended. Nha Trang has a lot of beaches which have various wonderful features and benefits. 

The main beaches of Nha Trang are always open. Be careful to avoid rubbish early morning, as cleaners will be cleaning after the bars have closed.

Other Attractions