Dam Market

Let’s go halfway on this attraction. You have a great market here in Nha Trang. Located in the centre of the city, it is easy to get to and had loads of different goods. You can buy fruit and vegetables, meat and fish plus dried fruit, meat, fish and nuts.

Several stalls sell clothes, bags and accessories which can be worn. You can get souvenirs and more expensive items such as gold, gems and jewellery. The outside is a street market. The building is a three-floor compartmented area which is easy to navigate. Delicious local snacks are available. 

Let’s look at the other picture of the local market. Choose carefully when selecting the stuff you want. Some goods lack sufficient quality checks that place products in stores. Some are counterfeit. That becomes obvious with the price. You must haggle or bargain for goods.

Market sellers raise the price with understanding that they must bring the price down. Start at 50% lower than the requested price and find a reasonable offer in the middle. Keep your belongings safe. Markets have pickpockets around. Drink water. Try some of the local food. This is a typical retro-style South-East Asian Market. 

Dam Market is open from 05:30-18:30 daily. Individual stalls operation times vary around these hours. It is located at Ben Cho, Nha Trang. 

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