Hon Mun Island

Nha Trang has a few islands just off the coast. Hon Mun Island is the one the residents recommend. An island like no other, it holds pure sandy beaches on one side with a contrast of black cliff edges on the other side. Hon Mun is an isle of natural biodiversity. 

Over 1500 species of underwater coral live on the seabed. A range of molluscs and other sea animal reside here. The World Wildlife Fund classified as a marine biodiversity area. The turquoise waters and warm temperature of the island offer some amazing opportunities for exploration and photos. 

Sunbathing is one activity for those who want to relax. Loungers and deckchairs are available for hire. Snorkelling is for those who wish to see some of these amazing coral and sea life surrounding the island. There are underwater caves to have a look around. You might need your PADI or to be accompanied by an experienced dive instructor for this activity. 

Some recommend a glass-bottom boat, to see the wonderful fauna while enjoying a drink and delicate bites to eat. There is a lot of room for luxury at Hon Mun. Those staying here can find some opulence in the accommodation options available.

Some fantastic sea vegetables and seafood can be tasted here at the restaurants. The floating bar is one of the eccentric experiences for those who want a beer in the sea. It is only a small island, but one which can offer a once in a lifetime experience. 

To get here, you can take a boat. Hon Mun is 10km from Nha Trang. Canoes are 300k VND and vessels are around 250k VND per trip. It is advised to go during Summer when the weather is hot and dry. Try to avoid going during rainy times or winter, as the island is often inaccessible. 

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