Ke Ga Lighthouse

45 km south of Mui Ne along the coast, there is a small island with one of the oldest lighthouses in South East Asia. There are organized tours from Mui Ne but taking a motorbike trip along the coast is recommended. Moreover, fishermen can take you to the island that is just 300 meters off the land for a small fee, and there’s a little ferry boat from the east side of the tip as well. This trip is an excellent combination of beach activities and sightseeing. The beach around the area is suitable for swimming and less crowded than in Mui Ne. The view from the top of the lighthouse is worth climbing the 183 spiral steel steps. You will see the bay, kilometers of beaches, the magnitude of the sea, many boats anchored in the pier. There is also a dragon fruit farm nearby and a seafood market to explore when you get back to the land and have some time to spare.

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