Po Shanu Cham Towers

The towers are located a few kilometers east from Mui Ne on the way to Phan Thiet. The ruins have been here since the 9th century, and the towers are used to this day by the local Cham people to worship their gods, Mbang Kate festival, Ramadan and other religious celebrations. Mbang Kate is the highlight of the year, celebrated at the beginning of October for ten days when Cham people honor the dead and heroes by giving offerings and performing sacred dancing. The drive itself to the towers is enjoyable, and you will be rewarded by gorgeous views from Ba Nai Hill when you get to the Towers. Further west on the way there is Ta Ku Mountain, so it’s best to combine these two attractions. There’s also Viet Sand Art Exhibition “Forgotten land” on the way. It is the closest stop going west from Mui Ne, before Cham Towers, right after Sea Links Golf Country Club. The sand park offers many impressive sand sculptures of castles, gods, animals, and characters for fairy tales that might be admired not only by children. The fee is 15k for adults,7k for children and 5k for a parking lot, and the park opening hours are 6:45 – 17:30 daily.

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