Red Dunes

Much smaller and less impressive than the white dunes but still worth a visit; the red color of the dunes contrasts beautifully with the blue sky. They are much closer to Mui Ne, 12km along the main road, and some tourists make a bicycle trip there. If you haven’t been there with your morning tour, then the best time to see them and take stunning pictures is sunset. There are no vehicles here since the area is much smaller than the white dunes, and located right by the road. Still, the peacefulness of the desert is disturbed by groups of children asking you to buy things from them or rent plastic slides. They will help you sit on a slide and push you so that you can enjoy the ride. It’s less extreme than you can imagine, the ride is usually no longer than a few meters, but it might be loads of fun if experienced with a great company. Be aware of some pickpocketers. It is easy to lose track of your belongings while you are having fun, so keep them safe with you and don’t give your bag to anyone. The trip to the red dunes can be combined with Malibu beach at the peninsula. There are resorts on one side and a relaxed “chill bar” run by Vietnamese locals on the other, where you can enjoy a mango smoothie or a beer for 20k VND. Unfortunately, this beach is more littered than the main beaches of Mui Ne, but also less crowded; often you will be the only one there.

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